A wonderful supporter has most generously offered a $500 Match Game to assist Beauty’s Haven with their Hay Needs. All donations up to $500 will be matched ~ $5 will become $10, $10 will become $20 etc. Contributions may be submitted via our PayPal address: bhfer or via the ‘Donate Page’ on our website:

Thank you so very much on behalf of JoJo and the remainder of the Beauty’s Haven Herd. UPDATE: There is currently $420 remaining in the match game!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH September 22nd – 24th Update

September 22nd

JoJo trying to back up the stairs to sneak up on me. He thinks if he can’t see me that I can’t see him! LOL

Finally, a short break from the rains. The stalls are full. So thankful for the shelters. Headed to shower. It’s going to be another long day tomorrow. Victoria will be getting x-rays. The sarcoid on Attagirl’s ear will be removed – it’s grown and is becoming quite a mess – we wanted to get her immune system stronger first and I think we’re there. I hope and pray the weather will be good. Have a good night everyone.

September 23rd

We need an ark. Please pray that these rains stop!THE SUN IS OUT – FINALLY! Even if for a short time!

I don’t know what it would feel like to not have a donkey to greet us in the mornings and I’m not sure I want to find out. LOL And then there is Matilda’s morning breakfast serenade. I just love these long ears!

"Good morning mommy Theresa – lookie my nose is just fine!"

The boys having fun in the new lake this morning. LOL! I’m so glad the rains stopped today and the sun came out for a bit. Everything is saturated. I truly wish we could redirect some of the rains to places that need it.

Betsy Rose out grazing with little Lucy. Everyone needs a bath. LOL

I would consider today a good one. Not all great news but it could be much worse. After the indirect lightening strike that Victoria took in mid-July, I was concerned she would colic or founder from the stress of it all. But she slowly improved and was doing well. A few days ago, she didn’t want to put weight on her front left foot. She blew an abscess but there were more suspected. We’ve been packing and wrapping her feet and she’s been CleanTraxed. Victoria’s x-rays today indicate she’s had some rotation but the vets don’t think it’s new. The current issue is believed to be abscesses. After Victoria took the indirect lightening strike back in mid July, it took many weeks before she was able to comfortably stand for all 4 feet to be trimmed. I video her progress and I’ll post a video of her tomorrow to show how well she was doing before the abscesses started. She’s a tough Arabian that has lots of spark in her eyes – this is just a bump in the road.

Some relief – Victoria popped an abscess! Unfortunately, there are more, I’m certain. As soon as I unwrapped her foot this am I could smell it. The vet should be here in an hour or so to do x-rays. Please say a prayer for her – hopefully this is just a case of abscessing and nothing more. The weather has been horrible which isn’t helping the situation.

When Victoria, Matilda, and Donovan arrived last year they all had unhealthy feet (among other issues). Bars were long, there was thrush, white line, gravel abscesses, many were pretty long and some were chipped up pretty bad – there where cracks that went all the way up the foot, and there were abscesses that resolved midway up the foot. This was one of Donovan’s feet upon arrival. But I can tell you that looks can be misleading – I’ve seen some feet "look" bad that were very healthy. But the feet on these three horses were not healthy. All of them have been quite a project in many ways. But they are all worth it. I’ve no regrets for saying "yes" when we were asked if we would accept them into our rescue program.

This was Victoria upon arrival last year. That is Matilda in the background.

If anyone would like to be a sponsor for Victoria and help her along this journey we would great appreciate it. She will need more acupuncture/TENS treatments and supplements. I don’t think we will need more x-rays but she needs help with today’s expenses. This photo was taken in late April. We had just put her up for adoption a few weeks before the indirect lightening strike. It’s sad, just sad. This mare deserves a happy forever life and we’re going to try to make sure she gets it. Once we get her through this she will make a wonderful pasture pal. She’s incredibly smart and loving. We do believe she will make it through this – please keep her in your prayers. If anyone would like to help her, donations can be PayPal’d to bhfer. Donations can also be made via our "How You Can Help/Donate" page of our website. Thank you

September 24th

The sound of itty bitty hooves running around having fun. Priceless!

Victoria is just beautiful – inside and out.

Matilda is an older Mammoth Mule that came to us about this time last year. She arrived very emaciated and with a high parasite load, neglected teeth and feet, and her blood work was that of a typical starvation case. As Matilda progressed through our rehab program she gained weight and perked up physically and mentally. But she would often pass soft manure, go off her feed, and “park out” as though she had a stomach ache. We treat incoming compromised horses for ulcers, even if just as a preventative, for the first few weeks they are with us – the GI tract can be easily challenged, even in a healthy horse, when put under stress. A horse that has endured starvation for any amount of time is at higher risk for colic, colitis, etc.

We opted to try something different – we put Matilda on a product recommended by Dr. Julia Simonson made by Bluegrass Equine Products, Inc. called EquiOtic. Matilda got 20 cc of EquiOtic paste twice a day for four days – a day after, she stopped parking out and having soft manure. She was then put on a maintenance dose of 20 cc once a day – we have not seen her “park out” since and she eats all of her meals. She now gets a packet (powder) a day and still has not demonstrated any signs of a GI issue. EquiOtic is a bit different than other products we use – it combines a probiotics with an immunoprobiotic (a bacteria that interacts with the host immune system).

Bluegrass Equine Products are also where we get the Deluxe Slippers from – they work great. And Victoria – she gets EquiBios – also from Bluegrass Equine Products. They have a Facebook page – EquiOtic(tm) – check them out! Their products are available through various online stores. And if you have any questions give them a call!

Here is Matilda before EquiOtic – “parked out” under her favorite tree where there is a water mister overhead to help keep her comfortable in the Florida heat.

Dr. Julia Simonson, DVM, performing acupuncture/electronic stimulation on Matilda.

Matilda is HUGE! She is a very sweet girl that everyone adores – we are very blessed to have her with us. She’s served humans well and we intend on making her sunset years good ones! Thank you EquiOtic!

The sarcoid that was on Attagirl’s ear is now gone for the most part. We are now treating it topically. Dr. Julia suggested we send the mass to the lab to determine what, exactly, it was. Please say a prayer that this works – they usually get worse before they get better but we’ll see.

Dr. Julia also aspirated some fluids from a lump that is near Handsome’s elbow. Handsome was a very good boy about it. I’ll let everyone know what we learn when the lab results come back.

Coming soon to: Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue Auction Page!! Who will be the lucky owner of this one and only original JoJo miniature? Stay tuned for more details . . .

If anyone would like to help with the extra vetting expenses and some hay it would be greatly appreciated. Our PayPal is bhfer. Donations can be made through our website Thank you!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH September 16th – 21st Update

I apologize that it’s been so long for us to get an update out – it’s been very busy. Lots of vetting needs going on.

September 16th

I started the day out having some fun with Beauty – it was really nice! I wish I could do that every day!

September 17th

Please everyone we need prayers for Victoria. She took an indirect lightening strike several weeks ago and has had her ups and downs. Today has not been a good one for her.

September 18th

Victoria’s bad days do not outweigh the good — she’s got lots of life in her eyes and she’s not ready to call it. Neither are we. She’s grazing and doing all the important things horses do. We all have setbacks during the healing process of some injury types – it’s expected. She may have gotten up wrong during Tuesday night, twisted just the wrong way, who knows what. My biggest concern from the day it happened was that she’d colic or founder from the stress of it all. But she didn’t. But that doesn’t mean she won’t – her injury set her up for almost "the perfect storm".

Victoria’s front legs/feet are working overtime as she tries to put more weight on them – her back end is still not muscled up to where it needs to be – but its better. Colic and founder are still a concern. Please keep her in your prayers – she’s trying and she needs our support. We may have to have x-rays done at some point. We’ll know more after Dr. Julia comes today and the farrier comes tomorrow. She’s standing under her favorite tree this morning with a tummy full from breakfast. God bless – thank you all. Donations to help with her expenses can be made to PayPal bhfer or via our website

I just got home – it’s been a rough day. The good news is that I have good news about Victoria. The bad news is that I got a call on the way home from physical therapy about a mare that was down which is where I’ve been for the last couple of hours. But I just wanted to get on here real quick and thank everyone for your support and let you know Victoria is better. I’ll get back on here after a shower and go into more detail.

Victoria got relief today when Dr. Julia popped an abscess in her front left foot. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I found out. I truly did not want to leave the farm this am but I missed a PT appointment last week and really needed to go today – I knew between Dr. Julia, Bob, and the volunteers that everything that could be done, would be done. And they kept me updated which helped me a lot. It was the first time I insisted at PT that I not put my cell phone in the cubby to wait for me until I was done and I guess the look on my face said I wasn’t about to give it up. LOL

Victoria got CleanTraxed in both feet. She got acupuncture and Essential Oils. She still has healing to do from the indirect lightening strike – injuries such as hers can take months – perhaps even a year or more. It’s possible she may have more abscesses – her Soft Rides will be here hopefully by Monday. She will get another treatment in 2 weeks – sooner if needed. Victoria stays around the house with Lucy and CaryLou – I won’t put her in with another horse – not until she is stronger in the back end. She’s a tough Arabian mare that still has spunk – we love her dearly! I truly can’t thank everyone enough for your prayers and help with Victoria today. I was so worried about her this am – she parked herself out in a founder stance and looked at me with those beautiful eyes which said she needed help. It was all I could do to not cancel my PT appointment. I’m so thankful to everyone that pulled for her today and to everyone here that took good care of her while I was gone. When I was leaving PT I got another call – mare down. I’ll update on that in a few. Thank you all so much – it’s a wonderful feeling to know that when we need our Village to pull together, you’re there. God bless you all!

September 19th

The call I responded to after I got out of PT was for a mare that was down and could not get up and the owner did not have the resources to have another vet out. I’m too exhausted, mentally and physically, to go into detail but it was a very sad situation. I’m very thankful to Dr. High for responding on short notice – he was clear on the other side of town. But it was an emergency and he responded right away. He examined the mare and, after hearing her history and assessing the situation and prognosis, it was determined that the most humane thing to do was to help her to the Bridge. The mare is no longer in pain – she runs with the Heavenly herd. It’s never easy – I only knew her for a short time – she had the kindest eyes and I know she is grateful for the release. I won’t post photos – it’s not how the mare should be remembered. I’m calling it a day. Thank you all for staying with us on this roller coaster ride of helping horses. The horses appreciate you and so do us humans. Have a good night and, again, thank you for your support. Now, I pray for sleep that likely won’t come. But tomorrow is a new day and, hopefully, it will be a good one.

I am so ready for today to be over. Just spent hours cleaning the feed room. Little bugs in the senior feed. They run faster than I can vacuum. Lost two bags. It could have been worse I guess. It’s Pouring rain. Weather check says only 10% chance of rain right now. Ha! I can’t wait to eat something and take a hot shower. Yesterday was tough. Today feels like "the day after." Losing a horse, any horse, takes a toll on my heart. I’m going to finish up at the barn and call it a day. I’m sorry but I haven’t gotten to email or PM’s today nor have I listened to my phone messages. Tomorrow. It will all be better tomorrow. Have a good night everyone.

September 20th

"Good morning mommy Theresa! The clouds are here so JoJo doesn’t need to wear his mask today, right? Can he come out to play now?"

Ruby all pretty after being groomed.

September 21st

Bella and Brody going for a ride – I’m so very happy that the move north has helped her quality of life significantly! It broke my heart to see her struggle to breathe here.

We were in Gainesville watching our son’s competition yesterday evening when I got a call from Kylie that Ginger was choking. Choke can be a horrible experience for the horse and the humans trying to help. Fortunately, Ginger’s was a pretty mild case but a choke is a choke. Kylie and Barbara did a great job and had it pretty much cleared by the time we got home but I opted to have the vet out anyway to pass a tube just to make sure the obstruction had cleared – and it had. Ginger now gets a couple small pieces of salt block in her feed tub to slow her down from being a piggy when she eats. She’ll be on a soupy mash for a few days.

I’ve wanted to give a detailed update on Donovan and Victoria for days now – hopefully tomorrow I can. Donovan did get his treatment and he is doing better, thankfully.

Matilda was so good for her hooficure – she’s just a sweetie! Would love to get her a Dr. Julia treatment now that her feet are much better balanced.

Attagirl did well for her hooficure too. Her feet were pretty bad when she arrived – really bad. But they are recovering nicely. It’s just going to take some time.

Peaches is still having issues. She gets better then worse. It was diagnosed as a splint soft tissue injury after x-rays several days ago but we’re wondering if she may have an abscess that needs to resolve too.

Peaches getting a bath by Eva and her son. In the background that’s Barbara walking Betsy Rose to the shade of the tree for her lunch.

Have a great week everyone! If anyone would like to help with any of the extra vet/farrier and related expenses it would be greatly appreciated. Our PayPal is bhfer. Donations can be made via the “Donate” page of our website at Donations are tax deductible. Thank you.


Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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Reminder – For the horses…

Dear friends,

The expense of rescue, rehabilitation, and follow-on care are out of this world and we need your support!

We are asking you to help us by supporting our Park Lane Jewelry Fundraiser. The holidays will be here before we know it! But you don’t need a holiday to make a purchase – make a purchase and surprise someone with a beautiful gift “just because”!

Park Lane Jewelry, founded in 1955, is all about giving back. A full 50% of our fundraiser sales will be “given back” to benefit BEAUTY’S HAVEN FARM & EQUINE RESCUE (not 10% or 20% like others).

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for our ever growing daily expenses. You, your family and friends may place orders September 12 – 23, 2014. When you place your order you will have the choice of direct shipping to your home, please choose the direct ship option. Your order will be individually gift boxed and shipped, within two weeks following the close of our fundraiser.

Simply click and shop to help us reach our fundraising goal. Follow this link or cut and paste the link in your browser:

Thank you for your support.

Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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BH September 14th Update

September 14th Update

Good morning everyone! Athena wishes everyone a wonderful day!

Donovan is such a good boy. He popped another abscess which brought relief.

"Lookie Mommy Theresa – my nose is just fine. Besides, CaryLou says the clouds are coming and that we should get ready for them by taking my mask off – we wouldn’t want it to get wet if it rains! Please just take it off and then I want to go play, ok?"

Betsy Rose is doing great – she gets hugs all day long.

Happy birthday Eva – we hope you and Delaney had a good time at the rescue today!

It was another very busy weekend at the rescue. I’ll try to post more pictures tomorrow but need to sign off for the night. This is Princess yesterday getting a hooficure from Laura with Kim holding. Eva, Kylie, Roxy, and Paul were all here helping out. We truly appreciate all of our volunteers – we couldn’t do this without support from others. Have a good one everybody!

We are an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit equine rescue organization that operates totally off of donations from the public – we are not funded by County, State, or Federal funds. Funds are needed for vetting, farrier needs, hay, grain, dental needs, equipment maintenance, and there is so much more. Please consider making a one time or automatic monthly donation of any amount to help us to help the horses. Beauty’s Haven was awarded Verified status by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) in 2012. GFAS is the only globally recognized organization that provides standards for identifying legitimate animal sanctuaries. There are various ways to donate – visit our "Donate" page on our website. Our mailing address is PO Box 53, Morriston, FL 32668. Our PayPal address is theresa. All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Please share us with friends, family, and co-workers – it takes a village!

We’ve had many unexpected expenses come up in the past few weeks. We really could use some help right now for hay, grain, farrier, dental, and vet bills. No amount it too small – thank you all for your support.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH September 8th – 12th Update

I apologize for this update being late – I found it in my “Draft” folder.

September 8th

Oscar and Pistol are doing great – their adoptive mom loves them dearly!

It was a very long day today and I’m beat – I’ll update tomorrow. Have a good night everyone.

September 9th

And what in my path did appear? Yes, a little flymask that happens to be JoJo’s. Now, off to find the boys…

"Mommy Theresa! There you are! I looked all over for you but couldn’t find you! Look at what I did! The sun went away behind the clouds and I was a big boy and took my mask off all by myself! I even left it where I knew you would walk so you’d be sure to find it – we wouldn’t want it to get lost because then I know I’d have to stay inside when the sun comes out. Aren’t you proud of me? You don’t have to search all over looking for it this time!"

Victoria took an indirect lightening strike several weeks ago which really took a toll on her but she is slowly recovering. We believed she could pull herself out of the fog she was in with time. She’s never lost the light in her eyes even on the darkest of days when she couldn’t more than a few feet – she never gave up. And we never gave up on her. We believe….

When Handsome arrived on August 30th he was wearing pony shoes that were way too small for him and he had terrible thrush. His feet hurt him – he didn’t want to move. The farrier pulled his shoes and we put him in Soft Ride boots – he was so tender footed. Last Wednesday, a package arrived for Handsome from Thrush B Gone!

His feet got the first treatment on Thursday and the product has worked wonders (! Hats off to the ladies that make it – it really works! The thrush cleared up in just a couple of days and he’s not nearly as tender-footed. We’re going to make sure we always have Thrush B Gone on hand. The first photo of his hoof was taken the day after he arrived. The 2nd one of his foot was taken last Thursday. I’ll get another one tomorrow and you’ll see how far his feet have come in a very short time.

Handsome had lived alone for 5+ years before coming here. Yesterday, he was feeling so frisky we turned him out with Santana. They did the gelding "meet and greet" thing and it was beautiful to watch. Today the boys grazed and ran together. It’s really heartwarming to watch a horse come in and begin to heal both mentally and physically.

Hay Handsome – wow, can I call you something else? Don’t you have a nickname or something? I hear you have an appointment with Dr. Bess to get your teeth done tomorrow. She’s pretty cool. Doesn’t hurt at all."

"Thanks CaryLou but how would you know that it doesn’t hurt? You’re only a year old and all she’s had to do is look in your mouth!"

Oh these silly boys! I guess we’ll let Athena go first tomorrow so Handsome can see it’s not bad.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks with Donovan but we’re staying positive that he’s going to be just fine. Have a good night everyone!

September 10th

We welcomed Athena to the rescue today. She has gained weight since we’ve been feeding her. She’s a 15 year old Arabian cross that we had vetted a couple of weeks ago. We had a place lined up for her but just after the coggins came back, the home offer fell through. We hadn’t planned on bringing her in but she had no place to go. Tomorrow she will get her teeth done (so will Handsome). And she’ll possibly get a hooficure – we may wait until next weekend for that. We need to work with her a bit on picking and holding up her feet. If anyone can offer a good home with lots of TLC for this sweet girl please let know. She’s very, very sweet. Thanks Pamela Zarem (Double B Equine Transport, L.L.C.) for safely transporting this girl.

Poulticing front left and running DMSO at the same time. We need clouds and a breeze and Donovan needs prayers.

September 11th

When we woke up that morning we had no reason to think that the future of mankind would soon change forever. Our daughters, sons, and grandchildren would never know the world as we did before that day. We all need to remember…

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer Davis"

Artwork by Greg Ambrose

September 12th

The day started out in one of the best way’s possible – finding Donovan walking on all 4’s! He blew another abscess in the wee hours and this morning he was putting weight on his front left – he’s been 3 legged for the last several days. Watching any horse walk on 3 legs is hard but watching a huge – huge horse, well, it’s not easy. It’s been tough these last few days but we will get him through this! Dr Julia was going to work on Donovan today but she ran out of time because she helped the farrier with Donovan and then she worked on Peaches. She will be back to treat Donovan.

What did Peaches do while she was in Betsy Rose’s stall today getting her acupuncture/massage/TENS/chiro treatment? Well, it looked like there was a heck of a party – toys everywhere! None of them were injured and they are all back in their rightful places now. Betsy didn’t mind.

Dr. Bess Darrow worked on Handsome and Athena yesterday. Both had some dental issues and I bet they are much more comfortable now. Handsome is an 11 year old Saddlebred gelding that was about to be euthanized a couple of weeks ago and Athena is an Arabian cross that needed help – she just arrived a couple of days ago but we had been providing feed for her for a couple of weeks.

Dr. Bess had her awesome assistant with her, and the horses cooperated so well, we got to actually sit and talk for a few minutes and she was able to leave here in record time! She’s the best! Her website is

The dynamic duo playing "let’s take everything apart and knock things over to give the humans something to do" game!

By evening I was simply too tired to even walk to the house. LOL

"Mommy Theresa you look like you need a nap!"

Do we have any Appaloosa fans out there? We really need some help networking to find a good home for Serenity and Bryce. They are such sweet horses. We don’t want to separate them – they are brother and sister and have always been together. Serenity is 18 and Bryce is 6.

Serenity is trained.

Bryce is ready for school.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH September 1st – 7th Update

September 1st

I caught Freckles overseeing washing of the breakfast tubs this morning. LOL

We had some extra helping hands today – thank you Elizabeth, Bri, and Kelly, Katie, Bobby and Michelle! Low branches on trees got trimmed, cobwebs at the barn got vacuumed up, poop got scooped, and lots more got done! Lucy even got a bath! And while everyone was here JoJo threw one of his throw himself down on the ground tantrums. LOL Marie and Karol were here too – despite the heat they always come on their volunteer days and we appreciate them so much! Bri and Kelly also helped me out with something in the office that I never would have solved myself – I’m technology challenged!

Betsy Rose always loves extra attention. She stayed under the shade of the tree much of the day.

Ruby and Michelle – Ruby is never shy for a selfie.

Cookie got out of her stall for a bit while the Bri and Kelly vacuumed up cobwebs. CaryLou was an angel – except when he was trying to pull JoJo’s sign off the gate.

CaryLou and his hairdo. He’s a riot!

September 2nd

Handsome. He will be getting x-rays of his front feet tomorrow.

September 3rd

Both Donovan and Handsome need x-rays done of their front feet. The vet is coming out around noon today.

September 3rd

Bryce and Serenity are STILL looking for their forever home! Serenity is a reliable trail horse and Bryce is ready to start! Perfect pair. Please share!

September 4th

Handsome is a happy boy – his x-rays came up clean! He’ll never wear pony shoes that are too small for him again! His breathing is fine and he’s feeling good.

I know he remembered Dr. High today. Dr. High is Handsome’s hero! It’s because of Dr. High that Handsome is alive today! Well, he still has some thrush, but we are expecting something in the mail to take care of that.

September 5th

Matilda had a flock of Egrets all to herself yesterday. Notice the black bird photo bombing. LOL

We had the gray Arabian mare, Athena, vetted and her coggins is now in hand. While waiting for her coggins to come back, we have been feeding her and making sure she was taken care of (she is still at her owners). But now that the home offer has fallen through and she has no place to go, it gives us no choice but to squish together some more and we’ll be picking her up no later than Monday. Would anyone like to sponsor Athena? She’s 15 yrs young and is very, very sweet. If anyone would like to adopt this beautiful girl and give her a forever home, please let us know If anyone would like to help with her expenses, it would be so greatly appreciated – right now, she has nobody to help with her expenses.

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a little JoJo for your entertainment! It’s a little loud but so is everything about JoJo’s personality!

September 6th

Please, we need prayers for Peaches this am – she can’t get up. Peaches is our little pony mare that was hit in the head routinely before coming to us. She comes up lame now and then. She recently has been assessed by two vets and they believe she has cranial nerve damage. Dr. Julia has been working on her for this but Dr. Julia is out of town. Another vet is coming out.

The vet is here.

The vet had to go get the X-ray machine.

Peaches’ leg has been iced and she is now resting on a thick bed of shavings. Based on x-rays, it appears to be a splint issue. If anyone would like to help with today’s vet call (exam, x-rays) it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have the total yet but it’s a least $390. Donations can be made to PayPal: bhfer or via other methods found on our website. Donations can also be called into the vet’s office at 352-368-1616. We have eyes on her 24/7 thanks to our camera system. Thank you.

September 7th

Check it out! First day I’ve been able to get a boot on since Donovan and I had a little accident last Thursday. He got my right foot good. Wasn’t his fault though. Swelled up like a football and turned a bazillion colors I’ve never seen before. I’ll update tonight on what we found in his X-rays but right now I’m headed out to visit some horses. Handsome is out there having a great time!


Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH August 28th – 31st Update

Thursday, August 28th

"Did you find my mask yet mommy Theresa?" He asks with a snicker on his face.

A bit later in the day…

"Joshua! I’m so glad you’re here! You were a little boy once, right? Can I tell you something? Mommy Theresa says I can’t go out in the sun without my flymask because of my nose – it gets burned easy and I don’t like that slippery stuff my aunties put on my nose – I just rub it right back on them and I don’t think they like it either! I really want to go out to play with CaryLou but yesterday my my mask kind of sort of disappeared and I’ve looked everywhere for it – I th…ink maybe somebody picked it up and put it in this trashcan. Can you help me look? You’d be my hero! Just take the lid off and see if it’s still there – oops – I mean let’s see if someone put it in there!"

"Sure thing JoJo. I didn’t like that sunblock stuff on my nose either when I was a kid! Here, let’s see – you’re in luck!"

"OMG you found it! I wonder how it got in there? Maybe CaryLou wanted to get me in trouble! He must have found it outside after the wind blew it away and then he sneaked in the barn to put it in there somehow. Well, can you tell mommy Theresa that you found it around the barn somewhere? Maybe the wind did blow it and it landed in here. But if you tell her now maybe I can go out to play! Thanks – you’re the bomb!"

"CaryLou why don’t you have to stay in the barn at night?"

"Because I’m not a baby anymore JoJo! Oh no, what did you do with your mask now – where’d it go? It wasn’t me! You blamed it on me last night – I know you did!"

"I got my get out of the barn mask – yeah! Wonder what we can do with it next time CaryLou? It was fun watching the humans look for it today."

Friday, August 29th

Attagirl is a really sweet girl.

Saturday, August 30th

Meet our latest arrival. He has a few medical issues going on but he will be fine. I got a call from our vet yesterday afternoon about a horse he had been called out to euthanize. But he couldn’t do it. He said the horse had light in his eyes. It’s sad that people are sometimes put into a position to have to make a decision to euthanize because of circumstances out of control. His owner loved him but just could not afford to keep up with his ongoing health needs. She was… in tears and didn’t want to have him put down but didn’t want him to suffer either. Deciding to euth is a responsible thing to do in some cases. Fortunately, our vet assured her that we would take good care of him and find him a good home when he is ready. She cried tears of relief. Our vet was relieved. And them we reached out for help to get him here. Steve and Karen Holgate made a bit of a drive to pick him up and bring him to the rescue which we appreciated very much. He settled into the qt paddock and seems very content. The farrier is here and is pulling his shoes today and fixing his feet up. We will try to get Dr. Bess out next week. He can only have a soft diet at this time. He’s loving talking to the other horses. He’s been a lone horse for awhile. Meet Handsome, a 10 year old Saddlebred.

I’ll go into detail tomorrow about our findings with Handsome today. I’m a bit discouraged, to say the least, but not really surprised. Have a good night everyone.

Sunday, August 31st

Sorry for the delay in getting on here today – it’s been busy. When Handsome arrived on Friday evening he walked ok but by the next morning he wouldn’t move. I didn’t want to bute him because the vet suggested Handsome had ulcers which were likely due to medication/stress related to his respiratory issue a couple of weeks ago. The farrier came yesterday and pulled his shoes (which were fairly new) and found a mess – thrush, shoes that were way too small for him and there w…as very deep carving marks and long bars. Once the shoes were pulled, thrush treated, etc. pads and Cavello boots were put on him. Handsome managed to get around a little but still wasn’t comfortable so by yesterday evening I did give him bute. Once it set in, he started to graze and walk.

I don’t know how he managed to walk on the trailer and unload and settle in just fine and graze the evening before unless perhaps he’d been given bute and we just didn’t know about it. I can’t speculate but had hoped to get the answer today but my phone call wasn’t returned. His feet are going to take some time to get better. We’ll see how he’s doing in a couple of days but we may need to get x-rays. The owner told the vet that Handsome had stopped eating a few days ago and started cribbing. Next will be an appointment with the dentist. He’s eating a mash little bits at a time but isn’t interested in hay – he isn’t comfortable with anyone touching his mouth. We have not seen him crib at all. If anyone would like to help with him our PayPal is bhfer. Other ways to donate can be found our website at Thank you.

Victoria and Lucy grazing today. Victoria is gaining strength in her back end. She took an indirect lightening strike several weeks ago.

Caught! CaryLou was trying to rip down JoJo’s sign again today!

Aaleyah Belle and her silly, lovable surgically corrected as best as possible wry nose. She still loves to slime people!



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BH August 25th – 26th Update

August 25th

"Ok everybody listen up! Mommy Theresa is going to physical therapy this morning and she asked me to guard the barn – isn’t that special? So, I’m sorry CaryLou you’ll have to wait to play with me this afternoon. Mommy Theresa says I have to be on my best behavior to help make things run smooth today with all the other horses – she’s counting on me! I feel special! This is a big job so no donkey play until later!"

JoJo did a great job today – I’m very proud of him! He looked like he was pretty proud of himself too. He did such a good job he got to go out and play with CaryLou this evening.

Donovan is so handsome. He’s a gentle giant like Gentleman was.

Bryce getting a good scratching from Kylie this afternoon. Bryce and his sister, Serenity, are very nice horses. They are looking for a home together. Serenity is trained and ready to ride. Bryce is ready to start.

August 26th

It’s a beautiful morning!

Matilda got an acupuncture/massage thanks to Janet! Matilda loves her treatments!

SOS ~ Arabian Mare

Is there anyone that has room for this Arabian mare that needs help in a bad way? We don’t have the resources to take her. Until we can find a solution for her please consider making a donation – we would like to collect enough to at least buy her some hay, probiotics, and sand clear. Her feet haven’t had attention in months. Her stool is soft. The owners do not have the knowledge or financial means to care for her at this time. I was told she is ridden around the paddock sometimes (bareback). Even though we don’t have the resources to take her in, we can’t just walk away and do nothing. We left hay for her today and hope to get more hay for her tomorrow and we are taking out a salt block and some probiotics. They have been feeding her some grain. If you’d like to help her with a donation our PayPal address is Other ways to donate can be found on our website



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH August 27th Update

Dr. Julia examined the Arabian mare, Athena, today. Athena was very good about everything. She was oiled to help move sand out of her gut. Her vitals were good. Blood work was done – we should those results back this evening. We are working on a potential home for her. Thank you to everyone that has helped us to help her!

Gentleman – the day before he left us for Rainbow Bridge.He’ll always be a hero in my book. I miss him so much.

I asked Cookie to smile for the camera and this is what I got. LOL

Dr. Bess Darrow (Tune Ups Veterinary Equine Dentistry and Services) worked on Attagirl this week. We will never know what caused it, but Attagirl has had her tongue split into three sections at some point in her past. No matter what caused it, it had to have been very painful. Surprisingly, Attagirl’s teeth were not too terribly bad.

"Oh mommy Theresa where are you? I have to tell you something. I hope I’m not in trouble but I can’t find my mask. It just kind of fell off when I was playing with CaryLou – oh wait – no – CaryLou pulled it off! That’s what happened! And then I think maybe it got carried away by the wind and it isn’t coming back. But it’s not CaryLou’s fault that the wind carried it away so please don’t tell him I told you what happened, ok?"

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit equine rescue organization that operates totally off of donations from the public. We are not funded by County, State, or Federal funds. Please consider making a one time or monthly donation to help us to continue what we do – we can’t do it alone. Funds are needed for vetting, farrier needs, dental needs, equipment maintenance, and there is so much more. There are various ways you can donate if you visit our "Donate" page on our website (bhfer. All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Please share us with friends, family, and co-workers – it takes a village! Thank you!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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