BH July 25th – 29th Update – It’s been BUSY!!

July 25th

Wonderful News! We’ve made it to the 2014 Top-Rated List! If you haven’t done so, please visit us on the Great NonProfits website and rate us. We’re actually 2nd in the US under the subject of "Animals" and 1st in the state of FL by state!

I’m going to be busy in the office tomorrow – I have some deadlines that have crept up on me. My phone will be off and I won’t have email or FB open until I get some things accomplished. Have a good weekend everyone! This is JoJo meeting Presley – both are adorable!

July 26th

Hooficure Day!

A wonderful family from Wisconsin has offered and has been approved, to adopt sweet Bella providing her with a perfect forever home where she will absolutely thrive! The transporter is scheduled to pick Bella up on August 3rd. This is Bella being silly!

Betsy Rose loves to go exploring around the house – there’s lots of good grass there.

Roxy and Kylie gave Skye a much needed bath today.

Kylie introducing JoJo to Presley

Ok, so JoJo thinks he now rules the barn. LOL

Memories are very special treasures. This is Jake and Gentleman playing gelding games a few years ago.

Good night everyone – busy day tomorrow! We have LOTS of people coming to help get a couple of the bigger projects done!!

July 27th

Work day is under way!!

Today was a GREAT day here at the rescue! Volunteers from Animal Warriors came to help us out with a couple of larger projects and there were also volunteers from Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary! It was a wonderful group effort and so much got done – even in pouring rain (no lightening)! Routine chores were accomplished in record time, 2 pallets of sod was put down, a lot of string trimming was done, some drainage issues were taken care of near the barn, Magic’s area was cleaned up a bit and some drainage issues taken care of there too. And there was time for a short tour to meet the horses before they had to leave. It was truly a blessing to have these wonderful people take time out of their busy lives to come to help us out – THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Rain didn’t stop the working party!

JoJo loves to be the center of everything!

I think Magic was totally entertained by what the humans were doing.

A sick pony will be here around 5:30 pm. Dr. Julia will be here to vet him. He’s going to need fluids, a complete workup, etc. He’s shaking, has pale gums, not interested in drinking, no interest in food, he’s just not well – it doesn’t sound good. The lady that adopted Spirit recently took this pony in as a rescue but then she broke her hip and is having trouble managing and reached out to us for help. She’s a very sweet lady with a heart of gold. We do need to place Spirit but she is ok for now – our focus is this little guy. I’ll update more once he’s here and settled in and vetted. Please pray for him.

Getting fluids.

Dr. Julia Simonson was here when Buck, a 12ish year old Rocky Mountain horse, arrived and went right to work. He got fluids and has had 2 small mashes of FiberBeet by Emerald Valley Natural Health. We were told he hasn’t been interested in food since Friday but he sure liked his mash. When a horse turns its nose away from the FiberBeet mashes I do get really concerned. But he slurped them down. Buck is a 12ish year old Rocky Mountain Horse. Dr. Julia is suspect of hepatic encephalopathy. We are waiting for blood work.

Bronson has settled in to his new home just wonderfully!

Look at Legacy on a trail ride with his adoptive mom – Jan! So proud of him – I can’t believe how fast time goes by. He’s still stunning!

Some really good news – Baby Ray has a home! He will be only a few miles from the rescue and almost next door to one of our volunteers! So happy for him!

Calling it a day soon – it’s been extremely busy. I’ll post some photos and a more detailed update tomorrow. Dr. Julia thinks Buck has hepatic encephalopathy but we are waiting on some lab tests. If that is the case, with the symptoms he is demonstrating, it isn’t good. But we don’t give up easy – especially when the horse is willing to give it a try. Hopefully, tomorrow we will have good news. Have a good night everyone – please keep Buck in your prayers. Dr. Julia will be working on Victoria tomorrow – she still needs prayers too.

July 28th

Buck maintained through the night. He passed poop and drank a small amount of water. The blood test results came back – it is his liver – hepatic encephalopathy. Dr. Julia will be out this morning to work on Victoria and we’ll go over Buck’s tests then and determine a course of action. Dr. Julia has been consulting with Peterson & Smith about Buck’s case. He did have some mild seizures yesterday. He was very dehydrated when he got here. Buck ate his breakfast and got his supplements this morning. He seems comfortable. Usually, once they start having seizures the prognosis is very poor. Please keep Buck in your prayers – thank you.

Buck’s tests came back indicating liver disease, as Dr. Julia Simonson suspected. A different test was done today (bile duct) and we’ll have results tomorrow. Thankfully, he has not had anymore seizures. He is eating and drinking and seems comfortable although, IMO, he seems a bit "distant" at times. Dr. Julia will be back tomorrow to check on him – he has an ulcer in the left eye but he’s very good about letting us treat it. He can be somewhat defensive from his left side – I think it’s because his vision may be impaired or perhaps that eye hurts from the ulcer. He’s a very sweet boy – I sure hope we can get him through this. Based on the symptoms and the test results, Dr. Julia thinks it’s not looking good but she has hope – his day today was better than yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better. The plan is to give him a week and then repeat the tests to see if there is an improvement. We’ll give him as long as it takes to get better. But if he gets worse and is suffering or at risk of injury to himself or humans, well, we will address that then – but let’s all BELIEVE he will only get better! Please keep Buck in your prayers – he really needs them. Thank you.

Victoria got an acupuncture treatment today. I’m happy to report that each day she appears slightly better. I’ll take "slightly better" over "the same" or "a little worse" any day. Baby steps. I’ve seen so many reports lately of lightening strikes – it’s scary.

Betsy Rose looks so perfect laying under the tree in the shade. Actually, she looks perfect anywhere she goes.

Today, July 29th

I know Matilda misses GMan but she’s gone off her food some and hasn’t been herself so we had Dr. Julia run some blood work today. It may be nothing (hopefully) but when you see a horse day in and day out you get to know that horse and I am concerned. We’ve had too many losses and horses feel it too. Little E is doing fine. He’s the senior horse here now. I know the heat has taken a toll on all of us. Would anyone like to help with Matilda’s blood test today? She is going to have an acupuncture treatment later in the week which has been covered by one of her fans.

JoJo wants to be in the middle of EVERYTHING! LOL Donovan has been sweating off and on. More on – thankfully! But we keep him in during the days under the fan and Port-a-Cool. His injury on his back leg is slowly improving.

Buck is hanging on – I can’t say he’s any better today but I do not think he is any worse. The ulcer in his left eye looks like it is healing. He’s getting a bit cranky when he gets his meds so I guess maybe he is feeling a little bit better. LOL! Dr. Julia ran him some DMSO today. He’s such a sweet pony. I keep telling him he has a Village of people that care about him and are praying for him. He does have light in his eyes today so I guess he really is doing somewhat better. He has big beautiful brown eyes!

Thank you Kathy Breakall for spending the last few days helping out at the rescue! The horses LOVE it when you come – they love the treats and extra attention! And the humans love it when you come – we love you!

We could really use some help with ongoing vetting needs, hay, grain, etc. and any amount of a donation would be greatly appreciated. No amount is too small. Our PayPal address has been changed to bhfer. Donations can be made via our website at on the Donate page. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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It’s a day unlike any other – it started out with me looking out the bedroom window, just as I do first thing every morning, to make sure Gentleman was up and ok – but he wasn’t there. Reality hit and it hurt my heart, but then I visualized him running through green pastures with the heavenly herd – young and healthy and that brought comfort. We had no idea when it would be time to let GMan go but we’ve known for quite some time that it was one day at a time with him. His body was aging and failing – arthritis from years of hard work as an Amish horse, combined with simple neglect of his basic needs being met, had caught up with him. We had been able to keep him comfortable but it was becoming more of a challenge and the heat was taking a toll on him. In the past couple of weeks, after the long naps that he loved to take, he would sometimes need help getting up. I’d watch to see when he’d lay down and be sure to check on him after a couple of hours – even throughout the nights. And, when needed, no matter the time of the day or night, Bob and I were there to help him get up. We didn’t want him to struggle and we did not want him to stay on his one side so long that it may cause internal damage. However, there have still been precious and majestic times when he’d trot across the paddock as if the hands of time had been turned back, if only for a few minutes.

Gentleman’s mind was strong and willing, his eyes were bright and full of life, but his body was failing. Quality of life is always a huge part of the decision factor in determining when to let our loved ones go and it was clear that his quality of life was declining. I had selfishly prayed that when it was his time he would lay down and go in his sleep – I wanted us to be spared of having to make the decision.

I believe that Gentleman, being the kind and loving soul that he was, sensed our desperation in trying to help him hold on for as long as possible – each moment he was with us was a blessing. The look in his eyes, and his demeanor, yesterday morning said it was time. He loved us enough to let us know it was ok, that he had accepted that fact that his body was failing and it was time for him to go. And he knew that we loved him enough to release him to join the heavenly herd where he would be reunited with old friends. He went peacefully – it was as if my prayer that he would just lay down and go to sleep was answered – I held him the whole time. But as I embraced him for his transition, I actually felt him embracing me, giving me strength. That’s the kind of horse Gentleman was. Tears fell but GMan knew they came from a river of love. Bob and I felt a huge and sense of loss and sadness while sensing peace that that Gentleman had his wings and had been released of his broken body. It will never, ever be the same here. GMan was a gentle giant that was loved by many. We will be together again someday – the reunion at Rainbow Bridge is going to be magnificent. To everyone that loved this grand old horse – thank you. He left this world on his terms, head held high, knowing he was loved.

Gentleman – I love you, always.

Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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Gentleman has his wings…

July 23rd ~ Early Morning

I would like to ask for everybody to please pray for Gentleman, myself, Bob and everybody else that loves this guy so much. He will be crossing Rainbow Bridge at 10:00 this morning. We love him so much but it’s time to let him go. His mind is bright but his body is weak. Gentleman is a true treasure. My heart hurts so much and I try very hard not to cry when we do this until after they cross but this morning the tears won’t stop. But Gman is a wise old soul and he knows these tears are because of the love I have for him. He’s getting a Kings breakfast this morning and then we will be walking to his favorite spot. It will be our final walk. Please pray for a smooth transition.

July 23rd ~ Mid Morning

Gentleman has his wings. I wondered what it would be like to hold on to those wings and fly with him but I know he’ll be at the Bridge when it’s our time. GMan now runs proudly and with a new body with the Heavenly herd. I know he’s met up with one of his BFF – Jake. We love you GMan – it will NEVER be the same here without you and there won’t be a day that goes by that I won’t think of you. I love you with all my heart.

To quote the words of White Elk…

“When you were born, you cried & the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries & you rejoice.”

Today, we cry.And Gentleman rejoices.
Run with the wind, dear Gentleman.
And throw your head & stomp your feet & have the time of your life.
Forever & ever.

Jake and Gentleman – BFF – together again.



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BH July 19th – 22nd Update

July 19th

I just have one quick thing I want to share this morning – it’s going to be an extra busy day for me because I’m here alone. Donovan had a little sweat under his mane yesterday evening! I’m so encouraged! Dr. Julia said to give it 2 weeks on the Protandim and it’s been almost 2 weeks! He’s also been on Xango – we had great luck with it when Peaches quit sweating and nothing else worked. Please pray for sweat! If anyone wants any info on Protanim or Xango please LMK – we are a distributor for both and I don’t promote products that I haven’t personally seen work. Betsy Rose has been on them and Cookie gets Protandim!

Baby Ray, Peaches, and Morgan this am.

July 20th

It’s so nice to have extra help this morning!!! This is Bri standing on a ladder to wipe Donovan’s face. LOL

URGENT! This is Bella, a 14 year old Paint pony mare that needs a home in an environment that is kinder to horses with summer pasture associated pulmonary disease ASAP. She developed allergies last spring/summer and we found a temporary foster home for her where she was much more comfortable in the winter months. A couple of months ago she went to another temporary foster home where she was doing well gradually started to have issues again. We are bringing her back to the rescue tomorrow but this is one of the last places she should be – the lime rock dust here and so many different grasses growing all around us is not good for her. We have very, very little shade. Quality of life is important and she deserves the best possible. When we rescued her in July 2012 she was living in a junkyard – she had a baby just a couple of days before. The baby (Starbuck) had issues but both of them grew stronger and they are beautiful souls. Starbuck found a forever home last year. Bella has been ridden but only when she is comfortable – she is much better during the winter months. During the summer she should be off grass and under a fan, if possible. A paddock with lots of shade and away from a dusty lime rock road would be much better for her than what we can provide here.

Mollie is so beautiful and she’s very happy! She’s a very proud Arabian that, when we rescued her, she was so weak she could not stand. She lived in the sling for the first few days after her arrival. She was skin on bones. But she never gave up. She was adopted and has a wonderful human family that adores her. She’ll never know hunger or be neglected again. Thank you Joan for opening your heart and home to her!

CHECK IT OUT!!! I know it’s hard to see but there is SWEAT under Donovan’s mane! There has been for a couple of days now! However, the boo boo on his back foot is worse. It was much, much better but today he somehow managed to open it up again.

Dr. Ryan checked out Donovan’s boo boo today and said it looks good and for me to keep doing what I’ve been doing. There was some new swelling in the leg and he’s been started on antibiotics. He’s very good about letting me work on it, fortunately. However, if anyone wants to donate some of the Underwood product that is mentioned in this post for Donovan to try we’d be happy to give it a shot.

July 21st

It was really nice to have lots of extra help yesterday. The chores we don’t normally get done before 2 to 3 pm each day were done by 11 am!

Meet Presley – he was in a kill shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized today. He’s now laying at my feet in his own little crate – tucked in for the night. He’s not feeling very well and could use some prayers – kennel cough, skin on bones, a not so good neuter job, lice, etc. His nails were so long they were curled up under his paws. He only weighs 8 lbs but that will change. I don’t understand how anyone could allow this to happen. Have a good night everyone – calling it a day soon.

The southern paddocks looked SO good after Lynn got done mowing/dragging them today. The weeds were taking over. I wish it would stay looking like this. We had to buy a new harrow – the old one had been fixed so many times it was just done. BUT – I want to say "thank you" to Tractor Supply Co. because they matched a sale price of the same drag from another store. Saved me a trip to Ocala.

July 22nd

Lot’s to update on and share but here’s some great news – Bronson is being adopted by one of our volunteers! She’s adored him since the day she met him. I’m so happy for both of them! This is Skye, Bronson, and Romeo.

JoJo and Donovan are so funny. JoJo loves to stand right outside of Donovan’s stall – I’m not sure what they are saying to each other but they keep themselves entertained. LOL Dr. Ryan Meeks checked Donovan’s rear leg injury today and said to keep doing what I’m doing – it’s healing as it should. We did start Donovan on antibiotics today. The problem is getting Donovan to understand he needs to stop being so active so the bandage can stay in place and he doesn’t make it worse like he did yesterday.

Matilda got to go out and graze around the house this evening. She immediately claimed this tree as hers.

I wish I had good news about Victoria. Dr. Ryan examined her today and blood work was done. The neurological issues are still apparent. She sways when she walks, especially in her back end. Sometimes she can manage a somewhat straight walk but it’s shaky. Making a turn is hard for her and there is muscle atrophy in her back end. She stands in one place almost all day long. Watching her walk, we would think she is an EPM case if we didn’t know about the indirect lightening issue but we are testing for it anyway. There could be lesions on her spinal cord – we just don’t know. I have not seen any signs that she has laid down since the injury – I’m not sure she would be able to get up without hurting herself. But her eyes are bright, her appetite is good, and she is drinking.

Dr. Ryan does not feel that x-rays are necessary, or would be of benefit, at this time – he recommends spending what it would cost for x-rays on acupuncture treatments and giving Victoria time. And we’ll see what the blood test results are. Dr. Julia will be out again in the next few days to treat her again. You know, this is really sad – it breaks my heart. Victoria came to us last year skin on bones with terribly neglected teeth and feet – she was in bad shape. But she is a survivor and she recovered nicely. She is such a beautiful soul. She’s a proud Arabian mare that was ready to find her own human and forever home. And then this happens and I just don’t understand why. Please pray for her.

Magic is as handsome as ever – I braided his mane on Sunday to help keep him a bit cooler.



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BH Update July 14th – 18th Update

July 14th

It was good to see Victoria more alert today – her eyes had light in them and she didn’t look like she was "lost". Her walk was better during her exam by Dr. Julia Simonson today but she still can’t make the turns without flailing – her back end is all over the place. Dr. Julia will be back again on Wednesday to treat her with acupuncture. Dr. Julia does think that Victoria took an indirect lightening strike. When Little E was struck by lightening several years ago they found him unconscious – I’m so glad he recovered. Victoria will recover too – she’s another tough Arabian with a heart of gold.

July 15th

Is Santana not just absolutely gorgeous?? He is one of the best babysitters you could ever hope for. Well, he is looking for a forever home. NOTE: He does have navicular but is kept comfortable with hoof wraps. He’s a very sweet horse and a beautiful pasture ornament. Isn’t there someone that would love to offer him a forever home?

"Mommy Theresa come play with me!" He’s like the Energizer Bunny. LOL

Poor Victoria – it really does break my heart to see her like this. Please keep her in your prayers. She is getting an acupuncture treatment tomorrow.

July 16th

Victoria is noticeably worse today. She’s getting her treatment now.

It’s flymasks on, flymasks off. Then we do it all over again. The storms need to let up for a day or two to let us catch our breath.

July 17th

Victoria update: I just posted a video that I took today of Victoria on our business page at Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue! Please "Like" us there and choose to "Follow" for updates! I’m so proud of this mare!

"It’s ok Matilda – come and see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence."

July 18th

"Good morning everybody! Check this out – if I stand up here on this pile of mats I’m almost as big as Donovan! Let’s get this day started – it’s Friday!!!"

What a way to be greeted in the mornings!

Play Video

JoJo got to run and play with Karol today – it was good to get a break. LOL He’s a hoot!

The entire property got mowed today except for the 4 southern larger paddocks. It took 9 hours! It’s a lot of work but Lynn Mathena does a great job! It looks so nice – I wish it would stay like this always! The lower 4 paddocks take another 5 hours to do – they need done badly to help keep the weeds from taking over. Hard to believe that in just a couple of months we’ll be starting our winter hay drive.

Some wonderful news – we have a new volunteer – welcome Lisa Swift! Today was Lisa’s 2nd day and she gave Victoria a bath. Victoria is still pretty off in her back end but the acupuncture/massage/chiro/TENS treatment by Dr. Julia helped and she enjoyed it. Dr. Julia wants to give Victoria a few days and then reassess her – she may opt to get some x-rays done.

SHELTER CONTEST! WE ARE IN 1ST PLACE in FL!!! PLEASE vote daily and help us to stay in 1st place – we can win $1000! We need this terribly for the horses! Share with family and friends and ask them to vote for Beautys Haven in FL! Thank you Yahoo! BELIEVE!


Have a great weekend, Everyone!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BHFER July 8 th – 13th Update

July 8th

Another busy day here but I wanted to start everyone’s day out with a smile! Kiana is doing just fine! This makes my heart sing! Kiana has settled in to her new adoptive home nicely! Go Kiana! So proud of you!

Yes, Kiana is loved! I can’t tell you how hard I pray, often, that all horses could live like this. No worries in the world.

Donovan got his acupuncture treatment this afternoon (thank you Elizabeth and Corrine!). Hopefully, he will start sweating again (soon) just as quickly as he stopped. Thank you Marie Riordan for staying late to help Dr. Julia! Donovan has had some bad luck lately – in addition no longer sweating, he injured the inside of his back right right foot just above the coronet band a few days ago. It’s going to take some time to heal and we’ll be having to doctor it twice a day. It’s a really good thing that he just stands and lets us do what we need to do.

If he wasn’t so big I think he’d try to climb in my lap.

Gentleman really loves it when Dr. Julia works on him. And she looks forward to his appointments – he’s another big love! Thank you Janet for sponsoring his treatments!

I had a good talk with them and gave them some nose kisses before they loaded up to go home today. It just isn’t the same, already, without Oscar and Pistol there to meet us at the side door to the office.

As expected – Oscar and Pistol loaded themselves! LOL! These guys, and the mini’s, love to explore new trailers that come in.

Somewhere out there is the perfect home for Serenity and Bryce. I need you all to help us find it. I don’t even want to think about separating them – they are family. Please share them and let’s find them a good forever home.

July 9th

I sure did miss the sound of the 2 am party this morning – and the greeting that we normally get when we leave the house to go to the barn. Love these guys!

Another busy day here that’s coming to an end and I’m looking forward to a shower and bed. Have a good night everyone!

July 10th

Silly ears!

Pistol and Oscar have new toys – they have settled in to their new home just fine! I’m very happy for them but boy, it truly isn’t the same here. And little JoJo – he wants a playmate badly. He’s growing up fast – he has teeth now!

July 11th

Believe me when I say that JoJo needs a donkey friend!

JoJo is still trying to perfect his version of the cricket dance. LOL

July 12th

Everyone lines up for breakfast!

Well, this is something we don’t see on our little road very often. I don’t know how they ended up here but they had to back up all the way back down to the highway. The artwork was beautiful!

"Hello everyone! Remember me? I’m little Bronson – I’m growing up! Mommy Theresa says I’m ready for my forever home! I’m glad I came here to grow up a bit and I and got to meet new friends – but now I’m ready for a new life adventure with my own human! I’m really a good boy!"

July 13th

I wanted to post an update with pics from the weekend but things have been crazy so this will be short. We had a really bad storm yesterday – lightening and thunder were horrible. One of the horses crashed through a gate (he’s ok), a surg…e protector in a storage building got fried (all the circuit breakers tripped) which took down the electric charger for the fencing, a piece of computer equipment in the office got fried, and the wiring between the house and the barn for the camera system may have been zapped (still trying to figure this one out). But our concern is Victoria. She’s an Arabian that is always animated but this morning she didn’t want to move and something just wasn’t right. When we walked her, she was unstable in the rear and her demeanor just isn’t right – the problem appears neurological. She was fine before the storm (we did have another storm in the night). She’s been in a small paddock behind the barn all day where we can observe her – she is eating and drinking but she’s not herself. Dr. Julia will be out in the morning to examine Victoria. Please keep her in your prayers. I don’t know what tomorrow’s cost is going to be but would anyone like to help sponsor Victoria’s exam and treatment tomorrow? We could take pledges.

This was Little E this morning. He is a 30+ year old Arabian that was struck by lightening before coming to the rescue a few years ago.



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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BH July 5 th – 7th Update

July 5th

"Mommy Theresa it’s time for breakfast! Let’s get the day going – we’re already a couple of hours behind!"

Kylie and I just tried a different mask on JoJo and he showed his disgust by literally throwing himself down and having a fit! Silly boy!

July 6th

It was a busy weekend here – I’ll try to get an update out tomorrow evening. I have PT in the morning and Kiana will be going to her new home tomorrow. Today Kiana grazed up on Frosty’s Knoll while Betsy Rose wandered around the house to graze. Yesterday Kiana played with the mini’s for awhile – she didn’t even notice when Betsy Rose wandered back to the barn to take a nap by the fan. I’m so glad that Jody and her family have been coming to spend time with Kiana – it will make the transition easier for her. As for us humans that are watching her go, well, I keep telling myself that this is what we do. With help from others we did our part with Kiana and now it’s time for her to start her next chapter in life – but she’ll always be part of our family. And she’ll only be 30 minutes away. Have a good night everyone.

This is JoJo going exploring with Sylvie. He’s so funny!

Kiana, Cookie, and Betsy.

July 7th

I never say good-bye – they are part of our family, always. It’s always hard when they go.

Kiana settled into her new home today without any concerns. We’re so proud of this little filly! Thank you Jody and your family for giving Kiana a forever home!

"You’re Gentleman! Oh my gosh – you’re so big up close and personal! You look a lot like Donovan! I’m JoJo and Freckles told me all about you and the others! She says you’re the senior here. Well, I’m the junior! Can we pal around sometimes? Why is Mommy Theresa putting braids in your mane? That’s ok – they put a little blue bow on my butt one day. The humans thought it was cute!"

This is Judy holding Donovan so I could hose him down and treat a new boo boo on his back leg. He has stopped sweating and is now staying in under fans during the days now.

Betsy Rose – gotta love her! She’s so expressive!

Oscar and Pistol will be going to their new adoptive home tomorrow. It just isn’t going to be the same here. Kiana and now these two. But – this is what we do. These two will literally be just down the road, less than 2 miles away. They are going to a friend of Dr. Julia’s and we’ll get updates and photos often. I’m so glad they found a home together.

A one of a kind offer! For our latest fundraiser, we are offering a lovely Betsy Rose & Kiana 16” x 16” pillow! A suggested donation of $5 for each chance may be forwarded via our donate page: theresa. Please designate your donation, ‘Betsy Rose & Kiana Pillow.’ The winning name will be selected in Morriston, Florida, on July 15, 2014 at 6:00 pm EDT. All proceeds will be applied to the needs of the Beauty’s Haven Horses.

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Donations are tax-deductible. EIN: 20-4783950.
IMPORTANT: In accordance with Chapter 496, Florida Statutes, the Solicitations of Contributions Act, the following information is provided:
Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue, Inc., Registration No.: CH21245
"The percentage, if any, of each contribution that is retained by any professional solicitor that has contracted with the organization is Zero %."
Beauty’s Haven does not use professional solicitors. "The percentage of each contribution that is received by the organization is 100%"
©Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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The 4th of July at Beauty’s Haven

Look at these itty bitty feet! JoJo getting a lesson on picking his feet up and keeping them up for a couple of minutes. Future farriers will appreciate this.

JoJo has trained us humans to open the door when he knocks.

Betsy Rose was painfully thin at this time last year. She lived in a sling for the first 2 months after she arrived. We had to do just about everything for her. But she was determined and she believed in herself. We believed in her too.

Betsy Rose was a walking anatomy lesson – the vet’s couldn’t believe she was defying the odds. She’s a survivor.

On this day last year, we wrapped a red, white, and blue sheet under her and took her out of the sling. It was her Independence Day walk! Oh man – we are so proud of this little mare!

Betsy Rose and Kiana racing happily on June 23rd, just one year after Betsy’s arrival at Beauty’s Haven

JoJo also got his first halter lesson yesterday – not sure he was very happy about it.

JoJo is getting all sorts of desensitizing! He got a much needed warm bath (medicated) to help treat his rain rot today. Poor boy has it all under his pretty white coat that causes him to itch. Popper also got a bath – unlike JoJo, Popper loves the water. Actually, JoJo didn’t seem to mind very much. This was his 2nd bath.

Kitty Kat, another rescue from a few years ago, loves to engage in conversations with anyone that will talk to him. He talked with Roxy for quite awhile today.

"Duke – the fireworks are coming! I don’t know what that means but Mommy Theresa says we’ll know it starts!"

"Kiana! The fireworks are coming! Have no worries and have no fear! Little JoJo is here! This is my first Independence Day too but I think it’s going to be fun! Noises and bright lights don’t bother me! I can’t wait!"

Oh Lord. Here we go. Snap. Crackle. Pop. Boom!

"Betsy Rose come on! Let’s go see the fireworks! Don’t you hear them go kaboom? I haven’t seen anything in the sky yet though. Well, there was some lightening. I think it was lightening. Come on! This is my first ever Independence Day!"

"Happy 4th of July everyone! It’s Independence Day! JoJo and Kiana are anxiously waiting for the fireworks – there’s lots of booms going on all around and there’s been a few bright flashes of light but no real fireworks that we can see yet. I hope the kids aren’t disappointed."

"It’s over? Really? That’s it? The snap, crackle, pop, kaboom’s are over? I didn’t see all the big flashy things we were supposed to see? How did I miss them? Kiana – did you see them? What happened???"

"Sorry JoJo – Auntie Lynn texted and said the Williston city fireworks were rescheduled for tomorrow night. What we heard and saw tonight were just neighbors setting off little fireworks and noise makers. So tonight was just sort of a practice to get ready for tomorrow night. Now everyone can get some rest, ok? Freckles is waiting in your stall for you – she’s got a story to tell you about Betsy Rose’s Independence Day walk last year."

Have a safe and blessed 4th of July weekend everyone!



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BH Update June 29- July 2, 2014

CJ and his BFF – thank you Elizabeth for giving him a forever home and lots of TLC!

Look how tall and strong Kiana is standing!

Some happy news – we have an adoption application for Oscar and Pistol TOGETHER and they would only be a mile from the farm. I’ve already done the site check and so far everything is awesome! These two are hilarious – we will for sure miss them and their antics. I’ll update once the application is processed! This is Kylie trying to get a sandbag back that they “borrowed”. These boys like to play drums on the empty poop buckets every morning around 2 am.

Auntie Barb had a blast with JoJo this weekend. The little guy wants someone to play with.

Bob brought JoJo up to the house to visit with me! He’s so stinking cute!

JoJo even sang to me while he was here!

Betsy Rose out for a walk.

JoJo is about the same size as Donovan’s head!

Another day coming to an end. Storms can’t decide to come or go.

Remember Silver Belle? Look how beautiful she is! She was one of the three babies that Momma Sue raised. When we picked Silver Belle up as an orphan baby in 2008 she had several big injuries – one in her chest, one on her side, and her left leg/knee. But look at her now!

We’ve had this fundraiser ongoing for awhile but one of the bills included in the total amount needed is due so I’m going to keep bumping this until we can raise at least $1700 to pay for Sisco’s eye injury bill. My stress meter is sky high to get this done. So, please share with family and friends. We need help. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Thank you.



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!

Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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