BHFER August 18, 2014 Update

I can’t believe Serenity hasn’t been adopted yet. She’s so sweet. BTW – first time I’ve ridden in awhile.

This little mare is enjoying her Safe Starch forage this morning. Vet appt at 11ish. X-rays around 3 pm. Her name is Attagirl!

We are not pregnant. Whew!

I gave Attagirl a needed bath this morning – she stood like a pro and I think she really enjoyed it. Dr. Ryan Meeks x-rayed her feet and gave us some good news – she has not foundered. She hasn’t got much sole but now she’s got time to grow it – a good diet and some supplements will help. Dr. Julia Simonson examined Attagirl and we got more good news – she is not pregnant! Bloodwork was done. Attagirl is thought to be about 20 years young even though the coggins she came with (issued at auction in GA) states she’s 7 – that’s quite a difference! It was mostly good news for Attagirl today – we are very blessed to have an amazing team of professionals!

Some not so good news is that Attagirl has a bone chip in her back hock – an old injury. It doesn’t seem to be causing any discomfort. She also has some low ringbone in her front right. Now that we have all of today’s info gathered the farrier is the next step – she will be here on Wednesday. Dr. Bess Darrow is going to check her calendar and get Attagirl set up for her dental. It’s rehab time for this little mare. Oh – she taped in at just around 562 lbs.

I can just see JoJo’s mind at work here with Betsy Rose! LOL!

Lucy and CaryLou look to be planning something as Katie rides Serenity this afternoon – these little ones are always up to something!

This is Karol changing out flymasks on Serenity and Bryce today. They are such sweet horses – they need forever homes. Serenity is ready to ride and Bryce is ready to school. Please share their info and help us to find them a home together – they are brother and sister. If we don’t find a home for them soon we may have to separate them to find homes – that would break my heart.

Donovan blew an abscess in his front right. I’m really glad he cooperates when asked to pick up his feet. We’re still working on the back one but it’s much better. His sweating is still not consistent.

It rained off and on all day which meant flymasks off and then on again. The weather report said the rains were done and then the sky would open up again. Victoria got a treatment by Dr. Julia today and she is finally stable enough to get a hooficure done. Would anyone like to help sponsor this? The farrier is coming on Wednesday. Victoria took an indirect lightening strike some weeks ago. Dr. Ryan was amazed when he saw her today – she has improved a lot but still has a ways to go. But she IS improving and for that we are grateful. Slow and steady.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit equine rescue organization that operates totally off of donations from the public. We are not funded by County, State, or Federal funds. Please consider making a one time or monthly donation to help us to continue what we do – we can’t do it alone. Funds are needed for vetting, farrier needs, dental needs, equipment maintenance, and there is so much more. There are various ways you can donate if you visit our "Donate" page on our website (bhfer. All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Please share us with friends, family, and co-workers – it takes a village! Thank you!

Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH Weekend Update: August 15th – 17th 2014

Friday, August 15th

A new sign just for JoJo!!

"Come on CaryLou – mommy Theresa is working in the office. It’s just up the stairs and in that door right there. Let’s surprise her – she’s taken me to work in the office before. We can have a blast – come on!!!"

Donovan is a big teddy bear. It’s great to have Lisa back!

Big day tomorrow – Skye is leaving for his new home and Amber is going to a foster home where there is lots of shade. This place is just not a good place for a horse that sunburns as easy as she does. She’ll get some training too. I hope everyone has a great night – sweet dreams!

Saturday, August 16th

A new day begins. Have a great one everybody!

We need some prayers for Ginger. She is not feeling well. The vet is on the way.

Ginger is doing better this evening – she was pretty gassy and uncomfortable this morning. Kylie noticed that Ginger was down and looking distressed. She checked Ginger’s heart rate and gums – both were not good. Kylie alerted me and as soon as I got to the paddock Ginger had explosive diarrhea. Ginger is the oldest (17) of the two mares – Amber is 6. Dr. Julia examined and oiled both of them today and Ginger got fluids. Ginger’s intake tests upon arrival several days ago indicated anemia, stressed liver and kidneys, her body was breaking down it’s own muscle to live off of (it had already used up all of its fat). Ginger also had a corneal ulcer, heart murmur, rain rot, electrolyte imbalance, etc. Both mares also had quite a bit of sand in their gut and Ginger had a high parasite load. Ginger has a long road of rehab ahead of her but she’s got a great attitude and we have faith that she will pull through. She’s a very good patient.

Amber was supposed to go to a foster home today where there is a lot of shade which she desperately needs – we do not have an empty stall or much shade to offer her. But because Ginger was not feeling well, and they have been together since they got on the trailer last week to come here, we opted to postpone Amber’s departure in case there was something that could be spread (Dr. Julia does not think to be the case – Ginger is just in much worse condition then Amber and starvation has taken more of a toll on her). We’ll reschedule Amber’s departure once Ginger is feeling better and neither of them have signs of diarrhea. This is just a bump in the road and, in cases like Ginger’s, there may be many bumps. Please keep both of them in your prayers. Thank you.

Skye went home with Roxy and her dad today – Roxy is one happy young lady! And some added good news – Morgan went too to keep Sky company! It’s just a foster arrangement for now – we’ll see how it works out. I hate to cut the updates short tonight but I’m beat. Have a good night everyone.

Victoria suffered an indirect lightening strike a few weeks ago but is slowly recovering. She is a proud and beautiful Arabian mare that also believes….

Sunday, August 17th

It never stops – incoming thin pony mare – possibly pregnant and foundered. It’s possible her coffin bone may have rotated – it’s not sounding good. Someone that saw the mare suggested euthanization but the owners didn’t want to/would not do that. We offered to pay for a vet to go out to determine her condition and treat her one way or another – the thought of her having to trailer here or anywhere is upsetting to me but it’s better than her lingering where she is and suffering – but the owner’s want to rehome her. Looking for pledges at this point.

Update: We should never be too quick to judge – the mare was brought to us (in a deeply bedded trailer) by her owners which, I must say, seem to be very nice people that I do believe care about this mare. They recently took her out of a bad situation – it’s the previous owners that put her through auction and neglected her needs that are the ones that should be ashamed. Today, a bloody abscess popped when someone was checking out her feet and it was thought that her P3 had penetrated the sole. That’s when the search for a rescue to take the mare began – the owners didn’t have the resources needed for x-rays and long term rehab but felt she didn’t need to be put down. When I saw a photo of the mare this afternoon, my little voice said to give her a chance and I’m glad she’s here. She is underweight, she has a large sarcoid type lump in her ear, she’s somewhat lame, IDK if she’s pregnant – we’ll figure that out later. Tomorrow she will be vetted and x-rays need to be done. The family that surrendered her wants to come back and volunteer their time. If anyone would like to help this mare we would appreciate it – no amount is too small. We operate totally off of donations which are tax deductible. Thank you.

IDK why JoJo insists on sleeping on the black mats when he could be laying under the shade of the tree or in his stall of shavings. I guess he just wanted to keep Ms Judy company this morning while she cleaned the breakfast tubs.

Winding the day down here – everyone is tucked in. We’re exhausted – the heat and humidity takes a toll. Ginger is doing better today. The new mare is settled in and Dr.Julia will be here tomorrow. We’ll get x-rays done ASAP on the mare and go from there. We’re keeping the faith that she’ll be ok – she’s been through enough bad. She’s so sweet – I could almost bet you that she was once some little girls special pony with ribbons and bows in her mane and tail. It’s really sad that she ended up at auction and in a bad way. Have a good night everyone and please keep the horses in your prayers.



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BHFER August 11th – 13th 2014 Update

And the heavens have opened up.

The rain is good but not in buckets!

Bella on the right and her BFF Sandy happily grazing. Bella is completely off her cough meds and still cough free!!

Betsy Rose, JoJo, and all of the others are all tucked in for the night. Have a good night everyone!

August 12th

‘Got Milk?’

August 13th

Serenity is still looking for her forever home!!

Bryce is still looking for his forever home!! Please share!

The new girls are getting their teeth done today. Ginger needs a few more weeks to grow strong and heal but we are taking applications now so that when she is ready she has a home to go to. We need to free up space for many others that need help. Please share out and if anyone is interested please visit our Facebook Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue Adoptions page for additional info, reqts, etc. and you can PM us on that page or by PMing Melissa Ingram.

Dr. Bess Darrow taking care of Amber’s teeth.

Dr. Bess Darrow has an awesome set up and the horses love her!

Dr. Bess always has her little doggies with her. Today, Presley got to meet Vegas – they look like twins (except Vegas weighs more). So cute!

OK – there were many people interested in the two TWH mares so now is the time to make giving them a forever home a reality! Ginger will be ready to go in a few weeks and Amber within a week or two. We are taking applications now – we need to free up space for many others that need help. Please share out and if anyone is interested please visit our Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue Adoptions page for additional info, reqts, etc. and you can PM us on that page or by PMing Melissa Ingram. Please share out and let’s get these girls homes.

Peggy Sue got her hooficure this week. She can’t bend her back leg so we have to do her in the sling.

Betsy Rose is doing well – she’s so lovable!

Matilda and Donovan – they are simply amazing. Matilda – love those long ears!

CaryLou is still "in your face" kinda guy. He’s hilarious with his "strut".



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BHFER August 9th – 10th Update – New arrivals

Saturday, August 9th

Dr. Simonson was out today and examined both the mares. The good news is that Amber Cream is not pregnant. Whew!

We named the older mare Ginger. She arrived with eye issues and one of the first things that came to mind was tear ducts. We find this often with horses that come in with runny/puffy eyes. Dr. Julia flushed them and looked at the ulcer – it’s a good size. We’re treating it several times a day. Ginger taped in at about 705 lbs. She’s got a lot of rainrot. Kylie gave them both a good medicated bath which they really needed.

Lab work showed very high fecal counts – especially in Ginger. Both mares are anemic with electrolyte imbalance which suggests their bodies are breaking down muscle for energy. We’ll be working on some kidney/liver concerns. Both are drinking well and munching on hay. We had to put a hard cup eye protector mask on Ginger to keep her from rubbing her eyes. We’ll be treating Amber’s sunburn – she’s good about it. They are both so sweet.

Poor Amber’s face is so sunburned. She’s good about letting us put tea tree lotion on it. She’s good about everything. Both are very sweet mares. We need at least 6 more Arabian size long nose Cashel flymasks if anyone has any they are not using – we have several, including these mares, that wear Arabian size. Horse size is just too big for them – especially with the long noses.

Both mares needed hooficures which they got today.

These are Amber Cream’s front hooves following her ‘hooficure.’ Laura needed to take a bit more off but didn’t want to do too much today.

Sunday, August 10th

Amber Cream and Ginger are doing ok. Amber’s face is so sunburned but at least now it’s being treated and she wears a long mask. They are in QT and have a shelter – we put their hay under the shelter in a hay bin in order to try to keep them out of the sun. Ginger lets us apply medication to her eye without any problem. They are both good girls.

I’m very happy to report that Victoria is showing signs of improvement! She took an indirect lightening strike a few weeks ago which left her very wobbly in her back end. It was pretty scary – the first 24 – 36 hours or so she was mentally "out of it" too.

JoJo didn’t want Auntie Barb to leave to go home this evening. Barbara drives about 3 hours (each way) to come to help out at the rescue almost every other weekend. Thank you Kevin for sharing Barb with us!

JoJo – he’s growing up!

"Look mommy Theresa – no flymask!"

Baby Ray went to his adoptive home today – he’s only a few miles away. His new mom is happy as can be! I’m so proud him – he’s overcome many obstacles in his life but he never gave up. In 2009 someone sent me a link to a free orphan baby on Craigslist. The minute I saw his photo I knew – I just knew he’d find his way here. I never called the number on the Craigslist ad but two weeks later the phone call came – someone had gotten a free baby off Craigslist – he was blind and needed help – could we come and get him? I believed in Baby Ray from the minute I met him. He’s blessed us with many wonderful memories that we will treasure forever. And there’s more to come. A new chapter in his life has begun. Congratulations Lew and Baby Ray!

Baby Ray is one of the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen – a long way from the frail orphan baby he was the day we brought him home in our minivan back in 2009.

Baby Ray was a frail 4 month old orphan when he came to us back in 2009.

Little E– still looking great. He’s the “senior” at the farm now.

The end to a beautiful day at Beauty’s Haven – just glorious! I can almost picture the heavenly herd running in all their glory in this photo taken by our daughter, Katie.

Beauty’s Haven – Where Life Begins, Again!

We could really use some help with vet bills and feed. If anyone would like to help, our PayPal address is bhfer. Various other ways to donate can be found on our “Donate” page of our website at No amount is too small and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you!


Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BHFER August 6th – 8th Update

August 6th

Very happy to report that Team Bella has reported in and it’s all good! Pamela Zarem of Double B Equine Transport, L.L.C. delivered Bella to her new home with Nonnie Aho tonight and Polly Knoll Niemi was there to greet them too! Nonnie said Bella settled right in! Look at what we did everyone – you all made this possible! I know it’s cold, like really cold, in WI but if it helps Bella’s respiratory issues, and she’s happy, prayers are answered. So far, no coughing!

August 7th

Dr. Bess Darrow working on Peggy Sue’s teeth this am.

Betsy Rose felt better the day after her treatment. Good enough to want to go out to graze around the house.

Matilda sharing her shade with CaryLou

August 8th

URGENT: We need to ask for help, again. We were approached about a situation yesterday – several horses that need help. Some are being picked up today by others and we have found a foster for one and we can bring one here. I’m very concerned about one in particular – two of her best friends are leaving today. She is in bad shape and I don’t want her left behind. To make this happen we need help – both horses are going to need initial vetting, farrier work, dental – and commitments for at least 6 months of care. Would anyone like to help us to help these horses? They are about an hour north of the rescue. We will continue to work on finding safe homes for the remaining ones which we hope to get more info on today.

The horses are loaded and on the way to the rescue. Many thanks to Steve and Karen Holgate for picking them up for us! We’ll update later today once they are settled in.

They are here. Sweet as can be. The older one is very thin and has issues in both eyes. A good size ulcer in one. The younger one is thin but carrying a low somewhat big belly – she will be palpated when the vet comes in the morning. Their feet haven’t been done in goodness knows how long.

Calling it a day soon. Busy morning ahead – vet and farrier will be here around 10 am. The girls have settled in nicely. The oldest is the thinnest. She’s got some serious eye issues going on. The youngest is also thin – you can put your finger between each rib but she carries a low heavy belly. The poor girl has been beat up pretty bad – bite marks all over her. Her beautiful face has terrible sunburn. Dr. Julia will palpate her tomorrow to see if she’s pregnant. Both will be getting hooficures. Thank you to everyone that helped get these girls. Oh – if anyone has any Cashel long nose flymasks (Arabian size) they don’t need the girls could use them.

And to end the day with a smile ~

JoJo’s always on the move. He’s like a little wind up toy – he never stops! Look at those little feet!


Betsy Rose – it just doesn’t get any cuter than this!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH August 4th – 5th 2014 Update

Monday, August 4th

JoJo is squeeky clean! There is never a dull day with JoJo around!We found a blue trail of goo at the gate to the barn this morning. We followed it and guess what it led us to?

"Mommy Theresa I was trying to clean up this place up before y’all got here this morning! I wanted to surprise you! Really! Check out my back legs – they turned from pink to blue!"

"JoJo we know you meant well but next time wait for some human help, ok? You could have slipped or something. How did you manage to get the Dawn soap all down your back legs and under your tummy?"

"I just wanted to help – I didn’t know I’d end up with sudsy bubbles all over the place! It’s kind of neat though! It’s all squeaky clean now – including me!"

I opted to douse him with Tea Tree since he was wet anyway to treat his rain rot which is much better. Karol Cline was here – she grabbed a bottle of milk to keep JoJo busy. It ended up being a spa day for him! He’s good for getting a bath, picking up his feet to be cleaned, and more – we try to desensitize them to everything. Sometimes, I think JoJo thinks he’s part human.

After getting rinsed off JoJo got towel dried. He’s not spoiled at all. Nope. Lord we love this little guy so much! There is never a dull day. He still needs a little buddy.

Dr. Julia worked on Betsy Rose today – she really needed it. Betsy Rose has been stiff and yesterday morning she had a boo boo on her hip like she had a tough time getting up. Hopefully, tomorrow she will feel better. This is Marie Riordan holding Betsy Rose while Dr. Julia puts acupuncture needles in her.

The cute doggie is Dr. Julia’s little girl.

Dr. Julia Simonson worked on Donovan today. He sweats now but it’s sporadic. His injury on his back foot is healing. He’s got some skin issues going on and I just felt like he needed a acupuncture treatment to help boost his immune system. He’s a gentle giant like Gentleman was – I miss him so much. I would have loved to have seen Donovan and GMan running the paddocks together.

Magic is magnificent!

Tuesday, August 5th

A very calm JoJo fit – he doesn’t like to wear his mask that protects his cute little pink nose! As usual, after his fit, he gets up and walks over and gives me that look like – "Well, are you going to take it off now?" Poor boy.

Bella is doing great on her journey to her new home! Pam took this picture this am before they hit the road again.



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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Aug 5th, 2014 – Sweet Buck Has His Wings

Tuesday Evening, August 5th

Please say a prayer for Buck – he will be crossing Rainbow Bridge tonight. We are all very saddened by this. We had such high hopes – his blood work results were better today than last week but he took a turn for the worse this afternoon. He has become uncomfortable and there is nothing more we can do to help him – he has become too unstable for humans to handle. I will share more tomorrow but for now, please pray for a smooth transition.



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH July 30th – August 3rd 2014 Update

Wednesday, July 30th

Victoria is so sweet. I just wish I could snap my fingers and she would be well again. She is still recovering from an indirect lightening strike. We hope she will recover completely – only time will tell.

JoJo threw another fit this morning. He did NOT want to put his flymask on!

JoJo is so demanding! He’s a hoot!

Finding Buck standing first thing each morning is a relief. The fact that he’s eating is a plus. One day at a time.

Thursday, July 31st

Buck greeted me with a whinny this morning! Its the first time we’ve heard a peep out of him! Prayers seem to be working please keep them coming!

Not only did we find Buck standing this am but he’s more active and steady on his feet!

Friday, August 1st

"JoJo why is your bottle and bottle holder on the floor?"
"It wasn’t me Mommy Theresa! It was Oreo – this cat is nuts! I wanna come out now!"

Saturday, August 2nd

Bella is leaving to go to her new home tomorrow – this is so bittersweet. She is one of the most loving horses you could meet. Here, her breathing issues would have continued to take a toll on her. The limerock dust that blows off our road is bad for her. Dr. Ryan advised that if we could find a home for her in a northern state like Wisconsin she would have a better quality of life. That’s when Nonnie reached out and offered to give Bella that home. Pollycalled me to tell me that Nonnie was only a few minutes from her – she could do the site check and help in making this happen. Polly has known Nonnie for many years. This is an answer to many prayers and I do believe in the power of prayers.

Polly and The Windchill Legacy helped us in the past – they provided us a much needed sling for a filly named Smarty Pants. She had been down for days and was too weak to stand but we dragged her into the trailer just like we did Mollie. God gave Smarty Pants a few days with us but the gross neglect she endured had taken too much of a toll on her frail little body. But she left this world knowing that she mattered and that humans cared about her. She didn’t lay on the ground and die, alone and afraid. But that sling, well, it’s helped many more – including Betsy Rose and Mollie.

Bella is making that long journey home starting tomorrow and Pamela Zarem of Double B Equine Transport, L.L.C. – thank you Pam for always taking are of our horses. I want to thank Kim Furse and Jody Adache Burnett and Lesley Osborn for helping and fostering Bella over the last several months.

Our "Village" enables us to help the horses – without you we would couldn’t do what we do. I’m proud of all of you and our accomplishments – together we make things happen for those thatcan’t speak for themselves.

Buck had a good day yesterday – he was more alert, talkative, and active. But his appetite is no better. Dr. Julia examined him today and gave him Well-Gel via nasogastric tube. The ulcer in his eye is a little better. This evening he is less active and more unsteady when he walks – still no appetite. We will continue supportive treatment and on Monday the blood tests that were done here on 7/27 will be repeated to determine if the values are any better. He did get a bath today. Please keep Buck in your prayers.

This little dove found a comfy place out of the storm.

Frodo – he thinks he’s the biggest horse on the farm.

Roxy has been learning how to care for the whole horse to prepare for Skye’s adoption. Sheath cleaning included. This is Dr. Julia coaching her today. I love this. Today’s youth are the horse owners of tomorrow!

Sunday, August 3rd

Betsy Rose was a bit stiff yesterday. It appears that she may have struggled to get up sometime through the night. She’s moving worse today. I would like to have her treated with acupuncture, chiro, and/or massage when Dr. Julia comes tomorrow to pull blood on Buck.

Bella is such a sweet soul.

Now we pray for a non-eventful trip for Bella. She’s in great hands – Pam will take great care of her on her journey, I know that. And I know this is in her best interest but still, it’s very hard – it’s just so far away. Nonnie and Polly our Bella is headed your way (with a couple of stops in between). We love you Bella!

Ok, so it’s a triple bittersweet day. Gracie and Harvey left for their new home today too. They won’t be far away though. I’m so glad they are staying together! God does answer prayers!

When orphan baby donk JoJo meets rescue little doggy Presley – adorable!

Would anyone like to help us resupply our hay and some other items such as shampoo, horse size double Velcro latch flymasks (short), supplements, etc.? Donations can be sent to PayPal address bhfer or via various methods on the "Donate" page of our website We can also take donations with a credit card over the phone now! Thank you!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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BH July 25th – 29th Update – It’s been BUSY!!

July 25th

Wonderful News! We’ve made it to the 2014 Top-Rated List! If you haven’t done so, please visit us on the Great NonProfits website and rate us. We’re actually 2nd in the US under the subject of "Animals" and 1st in the state of FL by state!

I’m going to be busy in the office tomorrow – I have some deadlines that have crept up on me. My phone will be off and I won’t have email or FB open until I get some things accomplished. Have a good weekend everyone! This is JoJo meeting Presley – both are adorable!

July 26th

Hooficure Day!

A wonderful family from Wisconsin has offered and has been approved, to adopt sweet Bella providing her with a perfect forever home where she will absolutely thrive! The transporter is scheduled to pick Bella up on August 3rd. This is Bella being silly!

Betsy Rose loves to go exploring around the house – there’s lots of good grass there.

Roxy and Kylie gave Skye a much needed bath today.

Kylie introducing JoJo to Presley

Ok, so JoJo thinks he now rules the barn. LOL

Memories are very special treasures. This is Jake and Gentleman playing gelding games a few years ago.

Good night everyone – busy day tomorrow! We have LOTS of people coming to help get a couple of the bigger projects done!!

July 27th

Work day is under way!!

Today was a GREAT day here at the rescue! Volunteers from Animal Warriors came to help us out with a couple of larger projects and there were also volunteers from Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary! It was a wonderful group effort and so much got done – even in pouring rain (no lightening)! Routine chores were accomplished in record time, 2 pallets of sod was put down, a lot of string trimming was done, some drainage issues were taken care of near the barn, Magic’s area was cleaned up a bit and some drainage issues taken care of there too. And there was time for a short tour to meet the horses before they had to leave. It was truly a blessing to have these wonderful people take time out of their busy lives to come to help us out – THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Rain didn’t stop the working party!

JoJo loves to be the center of everything!

I think Magic was totally entertained by what the humans were doing.

A sick pony will be here around 5:30 pm. Dr. Julia will be here to vet him. He’s going to need fluids, a complete workup, etc. He’s shaking, has pale gums, not interested in drinking, no interest in food, he’s just not well – it doesn’t sound good. The lady that adopted Spirit recently took this pony in as a rescue but then she broke her hip and is having trouble managing and reached out to us for help. She’s a very sweet lady with a heart of gold. We do need to place Spirit but she is ok for now – our focus is this little guy. I’ll update more once he’s here and settled in and vetted. Please pray for him.

Getting fluids.

Dr. Julia Simonson was here when Buck, a 12ish year old Rocky Mountain horse, arrived and went right to work. He got fluids and has had 2 small mashes of FiberBeet by Emerald Valley Natural Health. We were told he hasn’t been interested in food since Friday but he sure liked his mash. When a horse turns its nose away from the FiberBeet mashes I do get really concerned. But he slurped them down. Buck is a 12ish year old Rocky Mountain Horse. Dr. Julia is suspect of hepatic encephalopathy. We are waiting for blood work.

Bronson has settled in to his new home just wonderfully!

Look at Legacy on a trail ride with his adoptive mom – Jan! So proud of him – I can’t believe how fast time goes by. He’s still stunning!

Some really good news – Baby Ray has a home! He will be only a few miles from the rescue and almost next door to one of our volunteers! So happy for him!

Calling it a day soon – it’s been extremely busy. I’ll post some photos and a more detailed update tomorrow. Dr. Julia thinks Buck has hepatic encephalopathy but we are waiting on some lab tests. If that is the case, with the symptoms he is demonstrating, it isn’t good. But we don’t give up easy – especially when the horse is willing to give it a try. Hopefully, tomorrow we will have good news. Have a good night everyone – please keep Buck in your prayers. Dr. Julia will be working on Victoria tomorrow – she still needs prayers too.

July 28th

Buck maintained through the night. He passed poop and drank a small amount of water. The blood test results came back – it is his liver – hepatic encephalopathy. Dr. Julia will be out this morning to work on Victoria and we’ll go over Buck’s tests then and determine a course of action. Dr. Julia has been consulting with Peterson & Smith about Buck’s case. He did have some mild seizures yesterday. He was very dehydrated when he got here. Buck ate his breakfast and got his supplements this morning. He seems comfortable. Usually, once they start having seizures the prognosis is very poor. Please keep Buck in your prayers – thank you.

Buck’s tests came back indicating liver disease, as Dr. Julia Simonson suspected. A different test was done today (bile duct) and we’ll have results tomorrow. Thankfully, he has not had anymore seizures. He is eating and drinking and seems comfortable although, IMO, he seems a bit "distant" at times. Dr. Julia will be back tomorrow to check on him – he has an ulcer in the left eye but he’s very good about letting us treat it. He can be somewhat defensive from his left side – I think it’s because his vision may be impaired or perhaps that eye hurts from the ulcer. He’s a very sweet boy – I sure hope we can get him through this. Based on the symptoms and the test results, Dr. Julia thinks it’s not looking good but she has hope – his day today was better than yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better. The plan is to give him a week and then repeat the tests to see if there is an improvement. We’ll give him as long as it takes to get better. But if he gets worse and is suffering or at risk of injury to himself or humans, well, we will address that then – but let’s all BELIEVE he will only get better! Please keep Buck in your prayers – he really needs them. Thank you.

Victoria got an acupuncture treatment today. I’m happy to report that each day she appears slightly better. I’ll take "slightly better" over "the same" or "a little worse" any day. Baby steps. I’ve seen so many reports lately of lightening strikes – it’s scary.

Betsy Rose looks so perfect laying under the tree in the shade. Actually, she looks perfect anywhere she goes.

Today, July 29th

I know Matilda misses GMan but she’s gone off her food some and hasn’t been herself so we had Dr. Julia run some blood work today. It may be nothing (hopefully) but when you see a horse day in and day out you get to know that horse and I am concerned. We’ve had too many losses and horses feel it too. Little E is doing fine. He’s the senior horse here now. I know the heat has taken a toll on all of us. Would anyone like to help with Matilda’s blood test today? She is going to have an acupuncture treatment later in the week which has been covered by one of her fans.

JoJo wants to be in the middle of EVERYTHING! LOL Donovan has been sweating off and on. More on – thankfully! But we keep him in during the days under the fan and Port-a-Cool. His injury on his back leg is slowly improving.

Buck is hanging on – I can’t say he’s any better today but I do not think he is any worse. The ulcer in his left eye looks like it is healing. He’s getting a bit cranky when he gets his meds so I guess maybe he is feeling a little bit better. LOL! Dr. Julia ran him some DMSO today. He’s such a sweet pony. I keep telling him he has a Village of people that care about him and are praying for him. He does have light in his eyes today so I guess he really is doing somewhat better. He has big beautiful brown eyes!

Thank you Kathy Breakall for spending the last few days helping out at the rescue! The horses LOVE it when you come – they love the treats and extra attention! And the humans love it when you come – we love you!

We could really use some help with ongoing vetting needs, hay, grain, etc. and any amount of a donation would be greatly appreciated. No amount is too small. Our PayPal address has been changed to bhfer. Donations can be made via our website at on the Donate page. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you!



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It’s a day unlike any other – it started out with me looking out the bedroom window, just as I do first thing every morning, to make sure Gentleman was up and ok – but he wasn’t there. Reality hit and it hurt my heart, but then I visualized him running through green pastures with the heavenly herd – young and healthy and that brought comfort. We had no idea when it would be time to let GMan go but we’ve known for quite some time that it was one day at a time with him. His body was aging and failing – arthritis from years of hard work as an Amish horse, combined with simple neglect of his basic needs being met, had caught up with him. We had been able to keep him comfortable but it was becoming more of a challenge and the heat was taking a toll on him. In the past couple of weeks, after the long naps that he loved to take, he would sometimes need help getting up. I’d watch to see when he’d lay down and be sure to check on him after a couple of hours – even throughout the nights. And, when needed, no matter the time of the day or night, Bob and I were there to help him get up. We didn’t want him to struggle and we did not want him to stay on his one side so long that it may cause internal damage. However, there have still been precious and majestic times when he’d trot across the paddock as if the hands of time had been turned back, if only for a few minutes.

Gentleman’s mind was strong and willing, his eyes were bright and full of life, but his body was failing. Quality of life is always a huge part of the decision factor in determining when to let our loved ones go and it was clear that his quality of life was declining. I had selfishly prayed that when it was his time he would lay down and go in his sleep – I wanted us to be spared of having to make the decision.

I believe that Gentleman, being the kind and loving soul that he was, sensed our desperation in trying to help him hold on for as long as possible – each moment he was with us was a blessing. The look in his eyes, and his demeanor, yesterday morning said it was time. He loved us enough to let us know it was ok, that he had accepted that fact that his body was failing and it was time for him to go. And he knew that we loved him enough to release him to join the heavenly herd where he would be reunited with old friends. He went peacefully – it was as if my prayer that he would just lay down and go to sleep was answered – I held him the whole time. But as I embraced him for his transition, I actually felt him embracing me, giving me strength. That’s the kind of horse Gentleman was. Tears fell but GMan knew they came from a river of love. Bob and I felt a huge and sense of loss and sadness while sensing peace that that Gentleman had his wings and had been released of his broken body. It will never, ever be the same here. GMan was a gentle giant that was loved by many. We will be together again someday – the reunion at Rainbow Bridge is going to be magnificent. To everyone that loved this grand old horse – thank you. He left this world on his terms, head held high, knowing he was loved.

Gentleman – I love you, always.

Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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