Haley and Harley

I’d like to ask for prayers for little Haley and for Harley. When cleaning Harley’s eyes this morning I saw something new in the corner and felt the need to call Dr. Ryan out to look at it. He took pictures back to the hospital – I should hear back from him tomorrow morning.

And little Haley isn’t doing well. Dr. Jackson was out yesterday and treated her. She definitely has neurological issues but we don’t know why. It could be trauma (it’s thought she may have flipped over backwards) or it could be an autoimmune issue or it could be both. It was hard to get good pictures yesterday – we had the windows in the barn closed. The weather was horrible – it was cold and rainy all day long. Haley pretty much stands in one place all day and looks like she feels bad. I don’t like seeing her this way.

We’re going to have to move Kami to another paddock tomorrow – she is just too much for Haley right now and is causing her stress which isn’t helping. Her momma is sick and doesn’t feel like playing.

Please keep Haley and Harley in your prayers.