Paso Case Update

Below are a few pictures from today. Carla went out to feed this afternoon and Jacky and Tres helped – it was a pleasure to meet more people that are willing to help. I went out with hubby to take more hay and I wanted to spend a little time with the horses while hubby did a few minor repairs.

The structures in the back of the horses are not on the property.

The group with the gray mare was much calmer this afternoon.

These two mares stick together much of the time. They are both starting to enjoy touch – at least on their noses and sides of their face. I really enjoy just sitting with them and getting to know them – the time goes by too quickly!

Here are some of the horses a few days ago – the hay they were eating looked like cow hay.

Yesterday they got some very nice hay which they love!

And today we took more hay. The temps are going into the 30’s tonight – I think they will appreciate the hay very much.

Carla has graciously accepted the task of compiling a list of people that would like one or more of the horses – as well as to coordinate volunteers to cover morning and afternoon feed shifts. Carla can be reached at pasofinorehome. Our priority over the weekend was to get hay/grain to the horses, get the studs out of their stalls for awhile so they could get some fresh air and graze while their stalls could be cleaned, to clean waterers, and to make minor repairs to fencing, gates, to put together a core team of volunteers to help to manage the many tasks, etc. Horses will be catalogued over the next few days – please be patient because it won’t be an easy task. These mares out in the paddocks have not been handled in a long, long time.

It’s really a wonderful thing – people coming together to help those that can’t help themselves. These horses appreciate everything done for them and we appreciate everyone helping us to help them – we couldn’t do it without help from others. Where there was little light in many of their eyes only a few days ago – the light is getting brighter each day and it’s such a great feeling and rewarding thing to experience! They will come around and enjoy human touch again. They will find wonderful forever homes. It may take time, patience, and resources – but with help from others we’ll do our best to make it happen. Thank you all!

God bless and we hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!



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7 responses to “Paso Case Update

  1. Thank you so much Theresa for all of your hard work and efforts to coordinate this rescue! I am so glad to see the paso community coming together to help as well.

  2. I am so touched by the response of people all across the states. I know all the horses will be placed in caring and loving homes. Thank you for th updates and the time and care you are all a blessing to the horses.. I am willing to help out as well and will give a loving home to one of the stallions. God bless all of you.

  3. Thank you for everything you are doing! And a big thank you too, for getting the photos taken. It really helps to have the play by play. One word of caution which you may not need: I’d be very careful with feeding any grain at all to these horses. They need forage. Their systems might not at all be up to digesting grains of any sort. Just my two cents. Good clean water and the good hay you are bringing should be just what they need. Oh, and a salt and a mineral block for them too. But I’d be extremely concerned about feeding any grains/feeds for a couple of weeks at least.

  4. That photo of you and the 2 mares just takes my breath away! They knew love and kindness once, they will know it again! Thank you for coming to their aid.

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