BH Update 02/02/12

I’ve been guilty of not posting about horses here at the rescue and I apologize. The case of 37 abandoned Paso Fino’s is taking a lot of time. We have many wonderful people helping and more willing to help and I appreciate all of you. While things may not appear to be moving fast – we are doing the best we can as fast as we can. These are 37 horses that haven’t been handled in 2+ years including 14 studs. To give you an idea of how comfortable these mares were with people – the first day I was onsite 3 people walked into one of the paddocks where about a dozen mares live as a herd. These mares ran away and jumped a fence – taking down the top board. The last thing we want is for human or horse to be injured. Working with situations like this involves a lot of patience and we don’t want any of the horses having a bad experience. They appear, with each passing day, to be a little more comfortable with humans. They are being hand walked and are learning to trust. Over the next couple of days coggins will be pulled on some, if not all, of the studs, and some feet will be trimmed. We’ll be getting mares used to a round pen. We need to find homes for all of these horses as soon as possible but if we can place the studs we could make use of the barn for the mares which would help. Studs will be gelded with the exception of one that is 26 years old and mares are not to be bred.  We are busy in the office for this effort as well – we pray that some of our grant applications will be approved. If anyone would like to offer a home to any of these horses an application can be downloaded from our website. Donations are needed to help with their care – all donations are tax deductible and no amount it too small. We are making another hay run on Saturday morning. If anyone would like to help with this expense you can call a credit in to Larson’s at 352-867-8333 or to Quality Hay at 352-529-0888.

Now, for an updates on others…

Buttercup has been in school for a couple of weeks. While she is coming along she has shown herself (that’s our Buttercup!) but she is learning to be more confident and to overcome separation anxiety. Gary (Quest Horsemanship) is doing a great job and we hope to find Buttercup a home soon where her new human can continue her training.

Baby Ray is doing well and very happy at his foster home. He’s learning new things and seems very content.  Baby Ray is looking for his forever home.

Montana is doing great – he’s now looking for a forever home. He’s quite the character and makes us laugh. Katie got up on him a few days ago – I think he’s likely been a cow horse in his younger days. Doesn’t like direct reining – gave Katie a buck or two at first. Neck reins great and doesn’t need or want any leg.

Harley, the Belgian that was surrendered to us 3 weeks ago, with untreated eye cancer, is doing great. His surgery went well and the eye looks great – we have an application for his adoption and a very special family coming to meet him this weekend!

Jessie and Ron visited today and the weather was perfect! All of the horses (and us humans) enjoyed seeing them again. I think little Indy was smiling – hoping to get more carrots but Jessie split them evenly but Baby Girl and Morning Star were doing their own face making. Morning Star is absolutely gorgeous and is looking for a forever home. Baby Girl has some dapples!

Morning Star loves his ball and has made up many games with it. And he’s learned how to deflate it – I think he finally killed it this week though. L

Aaleyah Belle made sure she hogged the carrots. Jessie got slimed – a few times! J

Dr. Bess was here this week to do some dental work.

Amadeus, Silver Belle, and Legacy. Silver Belle and Legacy are really nice horses and are looking for their forever homes. Amadeus – we have some plans for him with one of our UF volunteers. J

Ghost is doing very well. It’s like he’s lived here all of his life.

Kami got a bath today – she’s still our little spit fire! I don’t know who was more wet – Kami or Marie and Katherine!

These horses are not at the rescue but we are working with AC to place. Mustang with ear tips that were frozen off when she was out west – est. 13 yrs old. Six year old Appaloosa and a 9 year old QH. I’m told all are ridden by experienced children.

And these two are urgent – they are at AC and their time is very limited. If we can’t find homes for them they will be euthanized. Rogue is a Mustang that appears to have not been handled much, if at all. He’s not mean – has not offered to kick or do anything of the sort – he just departs the area where a human may be approaching and will hide behind Bucky. Rogue is a beautiful mover and just needs to learn to trust. He has very kind eyes and demonstrates that he wants to interact with humans – it will just take some time and patience. Bucky, well, he’s a sweetheart.

Here are some items we are in need of:

· Micro-Tek Spray and Shampoo
· Breakaway halters – Arabian/Cob size
· Breakaway halters – Average horse size.
· Breakaway halters – miniature horse size.
· Long AND short nose Cashel flymasks in sizes Arab and Horse.
· Three play balls (size large)
· Miniature lightweight blanket for Haley – I’ll have to check her size tomorrow. The ones we have do not fit her.

Please don’t forget that we’ve got a new Daily Blog at  I won’t be able to post updates Daily but I’ll do my best to get at least 3 out a week. Previous months and years are still on the website. We hope to have our “Available Horses” page updated soon – we have many that are not on the website that ready for forever homes.

We do hope everyone is having a great week. I don’t know where time is going but it’s going by too fast! At least the weather has been good to us and I wish it would stay like this all year around. God bless – take care and I’ll update again as soon as I can.

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