BHFER Update 02/11/12

Another short update – I just got in the house for the first time today. We made progress with the Paso’s today and tomorrow I’ll be posting about a few of the mares that need homes. I’ll also update the stud #’s that still need a home. It will be later in the day – the farrier will be back to do more feet in the morning. The mares seem to be more responsive and trusting each day with their daily caretakers – slow but steady progress. With horses that have lived pretty much feral for the last couple of years – routine and consistency are key to helping them to come around.

We separated a few of the thinner mares from the others and put them in a smaller paddock so they can have better access to the hay. When in the larger paddock, the other mares would run them off.

Following the hay…

I’m sorry for such a short update but I really need to get some sleep. We blanketed most all here tonight – the winds are horrible. If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded I apologize. I wasn’t in the office today and won’t be again until tomorrow evening. Thanks everyone – have a safe and blessed day tomorrow. Stay warm!