Today at the Paso Farm

I just got in about 1 ½ hours ago from the Paso farm. Jenny and I took up another ton of hay along with “No Trespassing” signs. The newspaper article was great – I only wish the farm address hadn’t of been published. On the way there I had an interview with a radio station. Then a reporter came up from Orlando to do an interview late this evening. One of the questions during all interviews was “what do you need?” Well, donations and hay of course. But one thing that would help us tremendously would be a golf cart or better yet little utility vehicle. Doesn’t matter how pretty it is or what color it may be – as long as it runs good and is dependable. It’s a tool that would make a huge difference for us humans. Giving out hay on 20+ acres take time when you’re walking it and it gets heavy. And, of course, one can only carry so much so you have to make multiple trips to the barn. Knowing it will likely be a few months until the last horse is placed – if anyone could possibly help us with this we would be SO very appreciative!

I am so proud of all of the studs – they have come so far in such a short time. My favorite, #6, was our poster horse for the news clip and he did great! Handsome #12 left today – what a great job his adoptive did on loading him. But his departure freed up a stall at the front of the barn so I thought about how nice it would be for #6 to go from the back of the barn to the very front. I thought perhaps by putting him up where most of the traffic is by volunteers it may help him to come around faster. I took him out and walked him around – he really is so curious about what goes on outside. I wanted to walk him around for hours but there was no time.

Not one time after he was moved up to the front of the barn did I see him hold his head down like he was trying to hide! His head was towards the door – not his backside! And when the reporter was recording a section for the news clip she was about to open his stall door so the camera man could get a good picture of him and guess what he did??? He nudged it open himself and stood there with his head up, looking at them like “Hay! What’s going on out there?” It was awesome!

The TV news interview wasn’t over until after 7 pm. After Carla left, Jenny and I tossed hay, made sure all studs were tucked in and mares secure, and left. I think I will be asleep before my head hits the pillow tonight!

I’m very appreciative of our volunteers – they do a great job. And to all of you supporters – thank you! I can’t thank everyone enough – it’s because of others that we are able to do what we do. This herd of horses has a new chance at life because others care and are willing to help us to help them. God bless all of you – be proud of what we all accomplish by working together!

If I owe you an email response or return phone call I apologize I didn’t get to it this evening. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to work in the office and get caught up some.

PS – a well running UTV would REALLY help us a lot!


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  1. Bless your heart, all of you at Beauty’s Haven. Your healing touches show in every horse in your care.

    I love your new WordPress blog, it is such a peaceful atmosphere here.

  2. I am hoping to adopt one of these sweet Pasos, and this guy sure looks sweet! Got the application downloaded and filled out. Will go in the mail today. Just need to learn more about which horses are available now or expected to be in future, snd I need to check out current conditions at the barn, etc. Whether or not I can adopt, i will do my best to help.

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