BHFER Update 02/17/12

I know I’m behind on updating about the horses here at the farm – I’m sorry about that but they are all doing well. They loved their Valentine’s Day cards!

Gentleman is doing really well. Where ever GMan is you can usually find Sayan.

Montana had a visit with a potential adopter – he’s so loveable!

The “kids” are all fine – running and playing in the beautiful weather. Magic is doing well too – the cows are back in the 60 acres behind us and the other evening I saw 4 calves lined up across the fence looking over at Magic and he was looking them – it was really cute. Harley is also doing great and loving live at his new home – just look at him!

Progress is being made at the Paso farm. Three of the five worst condition mares were brought in today. We’ll be working on getting them in better shape. The vet will be out next week. The farrier is coming over the weekend. We truly appreciate everyone that has helped with this rescue project. It’s so nice to see the horses putting on weight and getting more comfortable around humans. The mares have a ways to go but we are working on it.

I’ll update on studs tomorrow. I’m sorry but I’m just too tired tonight and need to get up early for the farrier. We hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful weekend. I’ll update again tomorrow evening on the status of the studs. God bless and have a good night.

Oh – before I forget, again, we have a new Daily Blog website where you can sign up to receive our updates automatically! You can still get to the Daily Blog from our website but the new site address is: Historical monthly Daily Blogs are still on the website. Also, our website is being redesigned and we hope to have the new one up soon. Please have patience with us while the transition is in the works. Thanks!


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