BHFER Update 02/19/12

We hope everyone had a great weekend. It was busy here, as usual. The winds today were horrible – anything that could blow away, did. The temps tonight are going down into the low 40’s so we had to blanket some. Here are some weekend pictures.

Rolling out some big hay bales. There were more fence repairs done to make them safer for the horses, waterers were cleaned, it was just another busy working weekend.

The Paso’s haven’t been groomed in a long, long time – there are some serious tangles!

More hay – that’s me on the phone (been there a lot lately).

Little Red getting ready for a trim. He was a good boy.

One of the mares getting a trim.

One of the studs went home on Saturday and is doing great (and yes – studs will be gelded). And the little guy that left last week is doing awesome. It’s really rewarding to see the changes in them – good food, turnout time, and TLC goes a long way! Studs that are now available, provided another already approved adopter doesn’t step up in the next day or so, are #’s 3 and 13. Stud #’s 4 and 7 are pending. Status can change because people change their minds for whatever reason, etc. We may find a different way to do things for the mares – it’s very time consuming to try to keep up with all of this and it does slow down the process.

The farrier will be here at the rescue this week to do some hooficures – if anyone would like to help there will be at least 6 horses done.

We’d like to thank everyone that has helped in any way with the Paso’s. And to those that continue to support our herd here at the rescue – thank you all for everything you do. And to our volunteers – thank you so very much for caring and giving your time to help. We have some fundraisers coming up soon to help with the costs of the rescues here. We have many nice horses looking for good homes – we’re updating info and pictures to go on the website which is also in the process of being redone.

I may not post tomorrow night – our daughter is a participant in her high school’s FFA pageant – we hope she wins! We hope everyone has a blessed week – God bless and again, thank you all!