BHFER Update 03/16/12

Hi everyone – I am sorry I’m overdue for an update but I came home Wednesday and went to bed with a horrible stomach/flu bug Not sure I’m over it 100% yet but I’m trying – I have too much to do to stay sick.


We have a new rescue that was picked up yesterday – a very thin mare that may have Cushings. Her feet looked horrible – she’s likely foundered. She’s sore all over which is likely due, in part, to the way she had to walk but she got a hooficure today and a bath. You can easily put a finger between each and every rib. She will be body clipped tomorrow.


Her hip bones and spine are very prominent.  She is a 1 on the Body Condition Score scale.


We need sponsors – please consider donating to help with her vetting, dental, farrier, and care expenses. We usually ask for sponsors before bringing in a new rescue but in this case there was no time.


Kathy and Marty visited last week (from Michigan) and it was wonderful to meet them in person and to spend time with them! They met all of the horses here – Magic enjoyed the extra attention – all of the horses did! Magic wasn’t too sure of what an IPad is but he sure seemed inquisitive.

On the 2nd day of their visit Kathy went to the Paso farm to work with me while Marty helped Bob fix fences at the farm. After a long day of working we decided to go to the local tavern for dinner and to relax and chat – Beanie Barbaro joined us! It’s very rare that Bob and I both get off the farm together – it was great! Thanks so much Kathy and Marty – we look forward to your next visit!


Lacey is still very pregnant. She is huge!

Sayan is doing great at his new home. His new mare fell in love with him and he with her – it was meant to be! And his human adoptive mom loves him too! He’s got green grass, shade trees, and his own girlfriend – he’s got it made! This is what we pray for all of them for – and it takes as long as it takes to find just the right home.

Wednesday morning the oldest mare that was at the Paso farm went to her new home – she’s settled in well and seems very content. She’s with another mare that had been adopted from there so she has a familiar friend so that is a blessing. It was so good to get her into the barn and to cut that number tag/rope off of her! We also brushed her out and sprayed her with MicroTek and flyspray. Then she went home! Most all of the mares are shedding out what I call a “rescue” coat and a new, healthy coat is coming in.

Paso Case

Two other Paso mares left Wednesday – together. I really like it when two can go together.

We still have applications being processed for Pasos and there are about ten mares left. In addition, there are some waiting for transport. I can’t imagine it would happen – but we may have more applications than horses! If that is the case we have many horses at the rescue that need good homes! Our website is not up to date so if you visit the “Available” for adoption page and don’t see what you may be looking for please email me. We have QH’s, Arabian’s, TB’s, mini’s and others looking for good homes.

Volunteers Melissa and George will have a Beauty’s Haven booth set up at the Paso Fino show in Ocala, FL tomorrow and Sunday. The show is located at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion. They will have an informational book of BHFER horses available for adoption. There are still about ten Paso Fino mares left to adopt and many other horses that are currently at the rescue. Please come out and show your support – donations are greatly needed! All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.

Marie and other volunteers will be having a bake sale at Tractor Supply in Ocala tomorrow – there will be lots of goodies! Come out and show your support – stop by on your way to the Pavilion!


Some have asked about how my Popper dog is doing – she is doing just great! She’s even jumping into the horse water buckets again to get cooled off! If anyone ever needs a way to happily confine a doggie please check out Doggie Dorms – our dogs just love them! They are easy to clean, offer good space, they are adorable! They fold up, come in different sizes, have their own storage case, and I didn’t even need instructions on how to use one! LOL! They really are awesome!

Thank you all for your continued support – we wish everyone a blessed and wonderful weekend! If anyone would like to help sponsor the new arrival please email me at bhfer. Any amount would help – we can only help those in need with support from others. We are an all volunteer organization and 100% of donations go directly to helping the horses.