Narissa’s x-rays and Gentleman

I’ve been putting this update off since this afternoon. I’m sorry to have to share bad news. Narissa’s right front has rotated and she is a sinker. We don’t know how long she’s been this way. She’s 25+ years old and certainly has a love for life – she’s a survivor, IMO. We will try to keep her comfortable and when we can’t we will love her enough to help her cross. But until then she will get lots of TLC. She has the run of the barn and seems to be content. Although, she spends quite a bit of her time in her stall. She got her mane braided today – everyone showers her with attention. She knows she is loved.

Some more upsetting news Gentleman has had high ring bone for awhile. We kept him comfortable throughout the cold season and thought we’d see an improvement with the warmer weather but we haven’t. He’s been getting supplements that were helping but lately he seemed to be getting worse. I had x-rays done today and the condition has worsened. He has been getting bute after morning feed these past few days and UGuard. We will be starting him on a different medication in hopes that it will help. He does not tolerate bute well. If the medication doesn’t help we can have the joint injected but that may be a bit challenging and poses risks in itself. You can bet that we will do all we can to keep him comfortable. GMan has lots of light in his eyes. We love him, very much. I can’t imagine Beauty’s Haven without him here. He’s approaching 30 years young but we pray for many more years with him.

Please pray for Gentleman and Narissa. I will try to post pictures tomorrow. I’m just too beat tonight. Thank you.


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  1. Theresa, its been about ten years since I’ve owned a horse with feet problems. A sinker – does that mean the bone is going down through the hoof?

    If so, I know you will do your best for this poor horse and love her up as much as possible until it is not possible for her to walk anymore.

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