Peggy Sue needs surgery

“Hi! I’m Peggy Sue! They used to call me Patty but we decided Peggy Sue suits me more and I like it. I have an injury in my left hip/pelvic area and my right stifle gets stuck. Dr. Ryan says if I go to the hospital they can do x-rays to see what is wrong with my back left that is locked up straight – I can’t bend it. And that leg is a couple of inches shorter than the left. It’s likely an old injury that can’t be fixed but they want to figure out if putting a pad or boot on that foot would help. But we need to get my right locking stifle fixed first. I get stuck sometimes and it takes me awhile to move my body to an angle that allows me to get unstuck. Mommy Theresa asked if the stifle surgery would give me a better quality of life and the vets said yes. So, we want to go for it! Would you please consider helping with the cost of the x-rays and surgery? I’m supposed to go to the hospital this coming Wednesday and have surgery on Thursday. I’m a little afraid, but much more excited!”

“Mommy Theresa says we need another $375 so I can go to the hospital for the x-rays and surgery. Would anyone like to help? I’m only 16 years old – I’d love to spend the rest of my life a little more balanced and without locking up. Thank you wonderful people!”

All donations are tax deductible. No amount is too small. Donations can be called directly into the hospital at 352-237-6151. God bless and have a wonderful weekend!