BH Update 041112

Just a quick update – things are really busy here – very busy. The calls to help others horses don’t stop. Just today – all in one day…

· A call from a caretaker to a 40+ yr old TB mare whose owner has gone into hospice. I am told that the mare has severe arthritis – the caretaker does not have the funds to put the mare down nor the money to care for her. We have been asked to help – we’d need funds for a vet to examine the mare to determine her quality of life and what would be in her best interest. If helping her cross is the right answer, we’d need help with funds to do this. If she has more time, with a good quality of life, then we would look for a retirement home for her where she can live out her days. I asked, and was told, that she is too crippled for a trailer ride but again, would defer to what a vet would determine. I will have to work on this tomorrow.

· Another call – a family lost their home and they have 30 days to place their 3 horses.

· Another case – a vacant house with 4 horses found in the back – a couple in bad shape. The issue was reported to authorities last week, and again today, but we have yet to see what will be done for them. One, a stallion, is thin and has what appears to be a fractured cannon bone and is walking on 3 legs. He needs help ASAP. Watching him trying to walk was heartbreaking.

· Another case – we have been working on getting a starved Percheron mare that a dear friend of the rescue and her friend happened upon. The mare has been out to pasture for the last 4+ years with no human intervention – no vetting, no grain, no anything. Just pasture and water. She’s thought to be about 15 yrs old. The owner is dispersing of his herd – she is one of the last. She’s at least 300 lbs underweight and will need quite a bit of rehab – vetting, dentist, etc. She did colic a few days ago so I am concerned and we are trying to make arrangements to get her here – we will update as we know more. If anyone would like to help her, please mark your donation for “Lady Jane.”

· And another – 3 horses we are trying to place – no room here but we are working on getting funds together to at least get them hay – we still need $120 to get them a ½ pasture bale (700 lbs) of compressed O&A which would last them about a week. We hope to have them into new homes by then – they are not far from the rescue. If anyone would like to help please mark your donation for the “3 Amigos” so we’ll know what the funds are for. As of this update, the chestnut Standardbred has a safe place to go. We’ve received an application on the Paint (4 yr old gelding, est. 15 hh) and there is someone interested in the Appendix (5 yr old, est. 15 hh) but it will take a few days to get applications processed – so they still need hay for the next few days.

I’m sorry I don’t have time to get into specifics on many horses here but everyone is doing pretty well. I am happy to report that Gentleman is doing much better. He is now getting Previcox and we’ve added milk thistle to his daily supplements. He spends a lot of time under the sprinklers. We caught him playing gelding games over the fence with Morning Star yesterday – it was really a great thing to see and brought about much needed smiles.

Please don’t forget about our fundraiser – guess the day/time that Lacey is going to foal. Here is a link to the information: You could be the owner of a beautiful oil painting by artist Karla Smith of your dog, cat, or horse! We are actually preparing the birthing stall as I type this. J

Below are some pictures from the last few days and today.

Narissa has some days that are better than others but she is comfortable and still loves her stall and fan. She has put on about 75 lbs. We really don’t want her to gain anymore because of her front feet issues.

Me taking a break from the hustle and bustle a few days ago. It’s rare that I get to ride. I did enjoy it, very much.

Ghost has settled nicely into his new home. As always, its bittersweet when they go.

Montana seems to enjoy working out. He is looking for a forever home. He is a 20 yr old QH gelding that has a very charming personality.

The vet, Dr. Joan Gariboldi, was at the Paso farm this morning and we got a lot done – including teeth. This is Cleopatra getting some attention.

Cleopatra – finally a tangle free mane! Sorry that the angle of the picture odd – I was trying to juggle the camera and some other things in my hands when I snapped it.

And Princessa. She is beautiful and one of my favorites!

Peggy Sue is at the hospital for x-rays and stifle surgery tomorrow. We’ve asked them to assess her abilities again to make sure that cutting the stifle is the right thing to do. When she puts weight on her peg leg which is shorter she has a tough time bringing the right back leg forward – sometimes it appears to have a catch. I’m wondering if perhaps putting a pad or something on the shorter leg will help.

“But Mommy Theresa – I’m not sure I want to go to the hospital. I’ve never been to one before.”

In the trailer.

And at the hospital. A couple of our volunteers are visiting with Peggy Sue this evening – I’m sure she will appreciate it and it will make her feel better.

Baby Girl – as beautiful as ever! She’s looking for her forever home within reasonable driving distance from the rescue.

Please pray for the horse that belongs to these feet and his 3 friends. And please continue to pray for those that have no voice. If you see a horse, or any animal, that needs help please don’t assume that someone else will do something – that someone needs to be you. And sometimes, it takes many “someone’s” to make a difference in a case. If you don’t want to call authorities – please find a reputable rescue that may be able to help. You could make the difference in the life or death of a precious one by making just one phone call.

Thank you all for your continued support. I’m not in the office much these days so please, if you have emailed me and I haven’t responded, I’m sorry – but feel free to give me a call. Please remember that without your help we couldn’t do what we do. Donations are tax deductible – no amount is too small and any amount is greatly appreciated! God bless and have a wonderful rest of the week! I’ll update about Peggy Sue tomorrow afternoon.


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