A note for Narissa…

Dear Narissa,

You and Twilight have been on my mind – I think of you and the others in our heavenly herd daily. I miss your smell, your eyes, your trust in us when trying to help your foot feel better. We did our best to keep you comfortable so you could stay with us for a long time. But still, even with meds, your pain became too much and you let me know it was time. I’m so thankful for you helping me to make the right decision. A life here with constant unbearable pain is something I would not wish on anyone. I know your foot hurt very much and walking on 3 legs is hard and it makes other parts of the body ache. I’m very thankful that God put you in our path so that we had some time with you.

As I sat with you all morning the day you crossed I told you about our heavenly herd – from the first we helped here at the rescue to cross the Rainbow Bridge, Frosty, to Twilight and all of the horses in between. We’ve lost many but I know that you are all together now and someday we’ll see each other again. And we talked about Barbaro and how laminitis robbed him of life on this earth too. I don’t know if there will ever be a cure but I pray for it every day. Please tell our heavenly herd how much I love and miss all of you.

You were tired, I know. I’m glad you rested before Dr. Ryan arrived.

Once Dr. Ryan arrived I was very proud of your willingness to walk up Frosty’s Knoll. It’s one of the hardest walks there is for me. Linda, Jenny, Bob, Brie, and even Dr. Ryan walked with us. You were surrounded by love.

You held your head high and trusted what we said – that the pain would go away as you cross Rainbow Bridge and only good would be before you.

The last few minutes filled my heart with so much sadness. But we knew that soon you would be without pain and running with the heavenly herd. You left this world knowing love and with your dignity restored. We were all so blessed that you had been part of our life.

And as you left us to cross the Bridge images of you came into my head and heart – a transition to a youthful and whole and happy Narissa. I found comfort in that.

We loved you enough to let you go and loving tucked you in our blanket of gold to say our last “we love you’s.” And now you fly with the angels.

I love you Narissa, always.



5 responses to “A note for Narissa…

  1. Narissa if only for a short time you were truly loved. To be so loved and let go is such an act of unselfish kindness. The final act of love. Thank you all at Beauty’s Haven for having the strength to save another and see her on with dignity when her time came.

  2. While you are there, please say hi to Penny, Princess, and all the others from me.

  3. What a beautiful way to say, “Good bye.” We all know we’ll see each other again, but it is difficult to make such a decision anyway. Bless you and all of your staff and volunteers for the work that you do.

  4. Narissa you are a beauty, I am sorry you could not stay with us longer as so many of us loved you. we know you are running in God’s green acres with all our heavenly herd, if you see Miste and Gwen say hi from me. see you at the rainbow bridge

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