TB gelding is here…

Meet “Salt.” When we got there to pick him up he held his head down – his neck leaning against the fence like he was trying to disappear. No water and living on sand. No hay. The left side of his face has a big “dent” in it. Body sores. Lip dangling. Puffy eyes with flies and gnats. Thick unhealthy coat. Terrible feet that smell horrible. Ulcerations in his mouth. Dull eyes that seemed to have wandered away from where he was.


You can see the indentation in his skull. We may never know what happened.

Salt is now here – he almost fell coming off the trailer. Dr. Ryan has examined him. Salt (he will have a new name when it comes to me) is a 1 on the Henneke scale and even without the blood work back yet Dr. Ryan says some of his organs may be borderline. Salt can’t shut his urine flow off – there is just no muscle. When a body is deprived of food it feeds off of itself – the fat goes, the muscle, then organs. Death isn’t far behind.

Please say prayers for him. I’ll update more later but I need to get back out and finish up things before it gets dark. If anyone would like to help sponsor him it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for caring.