Salt update Sat am

Salt made it through the night. He was down a lot and I was worried about colic. But I think he was both exhausted and relieved. Today is the beginning of a new life for him.

I’ve named him “Twilight’s MoonShadow”. As I sat with him last night while he was resting I looked up at the sky and the stars were everywhere against the black sky. Looking up – just above MoonShadow – I saw a beautiful, very bright star that shined just to the right of the crescent moon – almost as the moon was cradling it. MoonShadow has a white crescent moon on his forehead and I’m sure he was Twilight’s friend that stood over her for the days she was down before I got the call to help her. How sad he must have been to watch Twilight slip away. And how he must have felt that it was only a matter of time for him. Twilight held on for us until we got her home that night. And once at the rescue I went into the trailer to check on her – she lifted her little nose a tiny bit, eyes fading to cloudy blue, she gave a little knicker as I kissed her one last time, and she was gone. We love you Twilight – always. I’m so sorry Twilight that we didn’t get to you in time. And I’m so sorry that we didn’t know about Salt while we were there – and he was only a few yards away from us, in the dark. But we will do our best to help your best friend who is now named in your honor. And now you fly with the angels sweet girl – we’re so proud of you.

Moonshadow – your life has just begun. You have a new family now that will do all we can to help you to grow strong – we want to see the will to live come back into your eyes. The crescent moon I found on your forehead brought about some relief for me – like a feeling that this is where you are supposed to be and that Twilight had a hand in it. She’s that bright and beautiful star in the sky that is watching down over you.

Thank you all for caring about this sweet boy. We’re trying to find out his history. He isn’t the TB “Salt” that we found in the database. But we will keep researching. Today, if he is up to it, he will get a hooficure. Dr. Ryan and I will be reviewing his blood work today. MoonShadow is drinking and I groomed him as he ate his little mash this morning. I would love to give him a bath. We’ll see what the day brings.


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  1. Love his name…..MoonShadow…….prayers for this sweet boy…..I know you will do everything possible to help this guy you did Twilight…….God Bless you……

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