MoonShadow Update 05/01/12

MoonShadow had a fairly good night. He didn’t drink much but he did eat up his all of his alfalpha.

This picture was taken yesterday. He had us really worried.

This morning he’s out munching on his hay. The blood work from yesterday wasn’t much different than from the initial tests done. We won’t be out of the woods for several more days. I’m still worried about refeeding syndrome – what he was fed before we picked him up. I feel a little better each day but only time will tell.

I did learn more information about Moon Shadow that I will share in an update later today – I need to get back to the barn to finish feeding. I will tell you that his registered name is Salty Verdict – not “Salt”. He ran 1 race at Tampa Bay downs where he finished 10th. Thank all of you for caring about this wonderful boy. Please keep MoonShadow in your prayers and have a blessed day.


4 responses to “MoonShadow Update 05/01/12

  1. Theresa,
    If MoonShadow came from the same place as the little pinto filly that died, what is going on there? Is there a basis for legal action?

  2. Good update this morning! Bless all at Beauty’s Haven and keeping Moon Shadow in my prayers!!! Thank your for the updates!! xoxo

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