Colustrum Needed

We have not yet been able to find colostrum for Lacey’s yet to be born baby. We thought we had some but it didn’t work out.

Someone had emailed me a link to a colostrum replacer that could be bought online and I can’t find it. Does anyone have the link? I’d like to order today with overnight delivery. If you have the info please email me at bhfer.



4 responses to “Colustrum Needed

  1. when I needed some for my foal……….Sparrs in Morriston had some………….ck it out !

  2. I have some collustrum, I e-mailed U last week! Call the big vet clinics, some keep it on hand!

  3. Thank you but what is sold in feed and tack stores and over the Internet from places like Valley Vet are not the same as what a newborn foal needs. But we did buy some from Rood & Riddle.

  4. Our Tractor Supply has the powdered form up here in Ohio. If you have one there, you may want to check them out. Sorry I am not more help.

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