Filly Update with Pics

A quick update – must get back to the barn.

A little prayer upon arrival and before trying to get her on the trailer. She’d been down since Thursday. With help from humans she did get up twice but didn’t stay up long.

Getting the stretcher prepared.

Sores from trying to get up. There is also a lot of swelling – edema.

Success in getting on the trailer. Just look at those eyes – there is hope.

At the rescue and waiting on Dr. Ryan who got there within about 10 minutes. You can see spark in her eyes. She is trying, she really is.

Just before Dr. Ryan arrived.

Dr. Ryan examining her.

Dr. Ryan wasn’t so sure she’d be able to get up – she hadn’t been up in over 2 days. But here, we believe…

It took a lot of physical help and prayers but with help she did get up.

And she did walk into her stall with support under her.

While she didn’t stay up long that’s ok – she was exhausted from what she did do. Sometimes you have to resign yourself to take baby steps to get to where you need to be. Being down for all but about 4 hours of the last 6 days – I’m amazed at her will power. But I will say she is tired and frustrated. Her temperature is high. She is getting antibiotics too. She won’t be able to stay in a sling but the sling is critical to her staying up for periods of time. When down we will be turning her every few hours. She’s got a long road ahead of her but she is young and truly wants to live. All of us are amazed at her obvious desire to live. She is eating and drinking.

Dr. Ryan ran fluids. She got DMSO and other medications. I knew going into this it would be a lot of work and take a lot of time to care for her around the clock but we are her last hope. And if it isn’t meant to be at least we know we tried. We won’t allow her to suffer – but she clearly hasn’t given up yet and neither have we. She is now resting while we are getting the sling set up. She needs her strength in order to help us get her back up and into the sling.

For those that have pledged – I truly don’t have any idea how much we have in vet and related bills at this point or what is ahead of us. I won’t be able to check emails to respond to any until tomorrow – but please know that I appreciate all of your support. If anyone would like to call donations in to the vet’s office directly the number is 352-237-6151. God bless and please keep this little one in your prayers – as well as us caregivers. She just has to make it – she’ll be a year old on May 23rd.

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12 responses to “Filly Update with Pics

    • God bless ya’ll for coming to get him and for fostering him. He is an awesome horse and you’ll see that his personality is just awesome! He is very smart, and gentle. He’s a big puppy dog that wants to learn and to please. Please give him hugs for me. Thank you!!

  1. Thank you for the photos. My prayers are with you. May God bless this little one and BHFER members working to save her ! I hope you name her soon. I’ll mail a check today marked “Filly in urgent need”.

  2. Her drinking & eating is a really good sign. And her age. I have faith in her & have already fallen in Love W her. Such a presious thing. She is safe now & being loved more than she ever has. ♥


    Lord rest your hand on these good souls,
    trying to help.

    Give them wisdom and ease their path
    in doing their chosen work.

    Bless these animals and give them peace
    as they go through the process
    of having their lives changed.

    Thank you for these people,
    who give their all to help.

    Strengthen them in their weariness,
    and lift them up in their trials.

    Empower them to overcome all obstacles.

    Precious Lord. Amen.

    • You have my prayers and loving admiration. Thank you for putting so much of yourself on the line for these precious souls. They need you so and where would any of us be without the love of people like you?

    • What a beautiful prayer – thank you. It’s very comforting to know that others care. God bless – please keep Smarty in your prayers.

  4. I saw the hope in her eyes and started bawling. I’m praying hard for this little warrior.

  5. Theresa I love your blog. The work you do makes my heart believe that there is good left in the world. Thank you. I wish I could help more. God bless that little filly and I guess he did when she found you. I hope these posts just keep getting better. I am almost scared to look. Love to you and all your volunteers. xxoo <3<3<3

    • Lizanne – thank you. Just give that little one hugs for me every day, ok? Thank you for giving her what every horse deserves – a good and loving home where she wants for nothing.

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