Urgent – Filly down in dire need…

We have been asked by Animal Control in another county to take a filly that has endured a horrible ordeal. We have the facilities and around the clock care she needs. Last week the owner of several horses sent a man to pick up her horses from a boarding facility which included a weak and ill yearling filly. The man loaded all of the horses except for the filly – she did not want to get on. He fought with her for quite awhile until he finally got her in. Once in, surrounded by other horses which included a stud, she went down in the trailer and was trampled on and could not get up. The man pulled her off the trailer and she has been down since. A vet examined her twice and has recommended she be taken to a rehab facility that has a sling and the means to help her. The vet treated her with IV fluids and anti-inflammatory medication that day and once more since.

The filly, with human assistance, has been able to get up and stand on two occasions since the injury – but she didn’t stay up for very long. But the fact that she could stand says a lot, IMO. She has been being turned every 2 to 3 hours and she is eating and drinking. Pam and I will be leaving within the hour to try to get the filly into the trailer to get her here and into a sling so she can be examined by our vet and a treatment plan implemented. If, however, it is determined that her injury is such that she will not have a good quality of life we will do what is best for her. But we won’t know unless we try to help her.

The filly has survived this long – she obviously has a will to live. I know it is going to be a lot of work but how do we deny her? I keep thinking about my recovery process after my spinal cord surgery which left me quadriplegic. I worked hard, kept the faith, and had a wonderful support system of humans (including my family). I regained use of my limbs again. As time went by, swelling went down, pain was managed – I got my life back. I can’t feel anything below my neck still but it is a lot better than living in a wheelchair. I may have limitations but I am alive. This filly deserves a chance.

We need help to help her. At this time we would like to ask for pledges to help with her initial expenses. Both our traditional and holistic vets will be part of her rehab and recovery. She may, depending on what the vet determines once she is here, have to go to the hospital. We’re taking it baby steps but at least for now the wheels are in motion to get her the care she needs. In fact, we’re pulling out to go to get her now.

Please pray for her – she’s just a baby. If you would like to pledge to help her please email me at bhfer. No amount is too small – donations are tax deductible. God bless and I’ll update once we get back.

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  1. prayers…… all of our prayers….. is what this horse needs and also these wonderful people from Beauty’s rescue need… and donations….. “LONG BLOND HAIR… PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS…. WE WILL ALL BE BETTER OFF…..” This horse needs “HELP, LOVE AND CARE” .. not useless opinions or “POINTS” to prove.. God will heal her… God has brought her this far, and to the hands of where she needs to be, she will survive…. have faith.

  2. Prayers and Vibes being sent for this dear filly and the wonderful kind people at Beautys Haven Horse Rescue

  3. Praying for her right now. Dear God, You made this sweet girl and sent her the people that care so much for her. Please Father, save her. Give her all the help she needs and the strength and will to recover! Trusting You Father. In Jesus name, amen.

  4. All of you very well said except Long Golden Hair….I think she has no clue what horses means to some people.

  5. Tell me the Filly’s name and I’ll mail a check for $5.00. I pray this one can recover. I followed one that was named Windchill he lived several weeks, but sadly passed away. He at least found good humans and felt their love. My heart still breaks for that horse. May God bless your good work. Glenda

    • Hi Glenda, I to followed Windchill and still involved with the Windchill Legacy. When I read Smarty Pants update this morning, I said to myself this sounds so much like Windchill’s story. The Windchill Legacy is matching all donations up to $500 for this baby.

  6. if the horse is hanging on she has the will to be here, which means its not making her suffer to be saved. most horses (or any animal) when in this bad of place will lose the fight for life if they are that close to death. to see an animal holding onto the shreds of life to me, means they want every chance to survive.

    • you are right Ms Capra. I had to put my dog down after 17 years and 11 months it was in Decemeber of 2002 and my husband was deployed (military) it was so hard to do, but she had a good life and I had to let her go. This little horse is a baby she is eating she has the will to live and deserves all that humans can give to help her recover.

  7. Quit making this poor thing suffer just so you can prove a point….

    • This baby wants to live, humans did her wrong, and apparently you have had no experience with Beauty’s Haven. Give her a chance. I’ve seen horses near death come to Beauty’s Haven and they are beautiful horses today (most of these horses would of been put down and never got a second chance at life)

    • I’m not sure that this person (Long Golden Hair) has ever taken care of an animal that was sick or dying, but still trying to hang on. Not everything is so clear and black and white when talking about another living creature’s will to survive. Its not always easy to be the person to make that decision. Taking care of an ill, large animal is something I would not wish on my worst enemy, not to mention the cost involved. I think its a little narrow to think someone would do all this “to prove a point”, but that’s because I’ve walked in those shoes. There were many days (with many of my animals over the years) I had just wished when I awoke in the morning, they would have died in their sleep, but they always surprised me with their will to survive. As humans, with the means physically and financially, to care for them and support their desire to “hang in there” especially if they might have a decent life on the other side – – we have the obligation to at least try to do so. I say bless you Theresa and your team. Thank you for all the work you do. You will know when enough is enough……

    • Long Golden Hair, if you care so little about animals why the heck are you even posting here?? It’s the horse that counts, not some imaginary “point” her rescuers are not even trying to make. Good luck to the darling filly- i’ll be praying.

    • I think You just dont get it. She needs this chance and I dont think its about proving a point.

    • I agree with all you ladies. Take a look at the recent update, brings smiles and tears. I know one thing for sure Theresa never does anything to “prove a point” she does everything in the best interest of the horse, They never suffer at Beauty’s Haven. This girl wants to live.

    • You know NOTHING about this rescue. The last thing BHFER would do is to cause any animal any distress. It’s about quality of life, faith and love at Beauty’s Haven. Even if this filly is at the end of her life, she will receive the best loving-kindness while at Beauty’s Haven.

    • Yeah! I was thinking that too. Sometimes horses like this can’t be saved but at least she will KNOW love before they do put her down if they do. That is the ONLY thing that is important right now. BABY steps. I don’t think they would ever make her suffer. She has done that enough! ♥

    • proving what? get out of here. they are trying to help her! she may be just fine in a year. it is called LOVE! who the hell are you?

    • Only point proven here, is that you don’t have a clue of the success that can be made with a horse who has a strong will to live. Thank goodness you don’t make the decisions for this baby. God be with you Beauty’s Haven in this mission to help this young one!

    • Elayne if you haven’t already found out, click on return to website (at top of this page) it will take you to Beauty’s Haven website and click on donate left side of page.

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