Smarty Update 05/20/12

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Smarty Pants is doing ok. She does have diarrhea that is likely caused by medications but it’s being treated. It does take quite a bit of extra time to keep her backside clean but it’s worth it. J

Her attitude is bright and positive although her appetite today wasn’t as good today as it has been. She did get outside in the sling today and grazed under the shade of a tree (with help from us humans). Her open injuries are treated throughout the day/night and she is great about it. Her temperature has remained in the normal range.

It’s really nice to hear her whinny – when she does I always imagine her saying “Thank you for helping me to live – I can do it!”

Thank you all for thinking about her and please continue to keep her in your prayers. I’ll post a more detailed update tomorrow with pictures. God bless and have a great night!

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