Smarty and baby donkey

Please everyone say prayers and send good thoughts for Smarty. She walked, under her own accord, several feet in the barn paddock this morning. The sling was there to support her but us humans stood back and watched her move on her own – it was a first! It did exhaust her but her attitude is positive. Dr. Ryan did come out to examine her wounds and to debride them – we have been concerned about infection from the very beginning. He is running more blood tests – the next 24 hours are critical. This is a setback but we’re not giving up yet.

We got a call not long ago about a baby donkey that has been rejected by the mom. The baby was born yesterday evening and the mom didn’t let the baby nurse nor would she let humans nurse her – she just wants to kick. I called Pam to go check out the situation and she is now on her way back here with the baby. She confirmed that mom wanted nothing to do with the baby or humans. The best thing we can do now is to get plasma into the baby and pray it’s not too late. Dr. Ryan will be back to run plasma to the baby. Please pray for this little one. I’ll update when I can. We had a horrible storm and are without power. Pam said the baby was soaking wet and shivering – standing between two pine trees when she got there. Mom was off and about and wanted nothing to do with the baby.

Again, please pray for these precious ones and us humans that are trying our best to do what is best for them. I had a little accident with the hoist on the sling today and may have fractured my little finger. Once we get the babies taken care of today I’ll try to get to the hospital for x-rays. I did get ice on the fingers almost immediately so the swelling isn’t too bad. In any event, we just simply need prayers and good thoughts and the wisdom to do the right things and make the right decisions for these babies. Thank you.

Also – if anyone would like to help with the vetting (including plasma) costs for the baby donkey please let us know. It isn’t going to be inexpensive. We’ll worry about funds later – right now we just want to get the plasma into the baby ASAP. Dr. Ryan and the baby should be here in the next 20 minutes.



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