Smarty Pants – a new star in the sky tonight and baby donkey here and safe

It is with a very, very heavy heart that I post this update. Smarty Pants crossed Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She had been improving, or so we thought. We knew she could take a turn for the worse at any given time. Infection and damage to internal organs had been a concern since day one. While edema in her front legs today had decreased it became significantly worse elsewhere. Dr. Ryan examined her, gave us his prognosis, and ran more blood work to confirm what he suspected and it wasn’t good. Verbatim from Dr. Ryan. “Her body was shutting down – resulting in poor tissue perfusion (blood supply to the muscles). All of this caused tissue necrosis – basically like gangrene. She may have lasted another day or two but it would have been pure hell. No doubt you made the right decision.”

While she surprised us with a short walk on her own in the sling today (with us humans by her) we didn’t know it would be her last. You can see in her eyes she wasn’t feeling well. We would not allow her to suffer – we promised her this from the start.

This little filly that captured so many hearts would have been one year old tomorrow. It just isn’t fair – I don’t know why things like this happen. I don’t understand it. I could go on and on with my thoughts about this but I won’t – at least not at this time. Today has been hell and mentally and emotionally overwhelming. And I’m not feeling the loss alone. My family, including our volunteers, feel it too – we all loved her terribly. We took turns sitting with her and caring for her – even through the nights. We love you Smarty Pants – you mattered to so many but we loved you enough to let you go. We will always love you. Now you fly with angel wings – until we meet again on the other side of The Bridge – know you are in our hearts, always.

And with tears still fresh we welcomed baby donkey. She was very hungry when she arrived and didn’t hesitate taking a bottle. Lacey has been providing some milk and we have milk replacer – the baby will isn’t picky and will drink either source.

Dr. Ryan had a very hard time getting the catheter into her vein in order to run the plasma.

She is currently sleeping – something she needed badly.

She’s had a tough start in life but like Smarty Pants she arrived with light in her eyes that we pray will shine brighter with each passing day. When Pam went to pick her up she found her standing between two pine trees, shaking – we were having a really bad storm. Her mom was off elsewhere. I wonder what this little one thought? But she is here now and she will have a full tummy all night long and she won’t be alone.

And tomorrow is another day. I don’t know what it has in store for us but there is already a void – Smarty Pants had become a part of all of us. We did everything we could to help her and she knows she was loved. She didn’t die in the sand and sun – alone or afraid. She was surrounded by love. While I will never stop believing in miracles and had prayed hard for one with Smarty – I have to think God had other plans for her and we are not to question that but rather accept it. Yes, she would have been one year old tomorrow – a day that won’t come for her on this earth. Each day we had with her was a gift – a blessing. And when I look up to the sky tonight and see a bright shining star I will think of her – I know she knows she is loved. And even though she runs with the heavenly herd she is still with us. She will always be with us. God bless all of you for caring about this little girl – our little Smarty Pants.

Run with the angels sweet girl – we are so very proud of you and how hard you fought for life. You are, and always be, an inspiration to me and your eyes are etched into my heart forever.

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  1. Bless you for your love and care of these sweet creatures of God–sentient beings with feelings and emotions just like humans. While humans may have dominion over other species, there is a responsibility and duty which accompanies this. Your certain rewards will be beyond any you might receive here and now, as love and compassion for God’s creations brings love and compassion in the hereafter.
    Master/Sensei John B. Crowther, Rokudan/Renshi, Isshinryu Karate-do and Master/Teacher Usui Reiki Ryoho

  2. RIP Smarty Pants. My Angel (that was her true nickname) passed a little over a year ago two days after foaling. She will take wonderful care of you also up in God’s country. Thank you all for doing what you could for that sweet little filly. God Bless you.

  3. God bless Smarty – know that you had so much love on this side from so many supoorters. It wasn’t fair. Your short stay touched many. You’ll always be loved, you will never be forgotten.

  4. I am so very sorry to hear these sad news about Smarty Pants .
    Is there a follow up and possible charges against the person having caused all this pain and suffering to this little filly?

  5. RIP Smarty Pants, never to know the slight of man’s hand again. My heart goes out to each of you who tried so hard to save her. She’s now in the company of some noble steeds that will run with her in forever green pastures. May God always protect you and keep you safe in our journey to undo man’s harm.

  6. Oh how sad – I had hoped Smarty Pants would continue to improve….. But I trust BHFER to make the hard right choice.
    Realy cute baby donk.. wonderful Bunny Ears

  7. I am so very sorry to hear that Smarty Pants crossed Rainbows Bridge. We all wanted her to pull through so much, but it just wasn’t too be. Teresa, what would all these precious souls do without you? You are an Angel. Together with your family and volunteers you work so hard to undo the evil that has been done by other humans. Just so that you know, Smarty Pants’ courage reached England, and I was priveleged to have “known her”. She was wonderous. Chris. xxx

  8. Oh, this is so very sad. I had such hopes she would make a recovery.She passed on my Birthday which means I will always have her with me, May 22nd. RIP Smarty Pants.

    Joan Pitt – EANDO

  9. fly high little one. Look for an older appaloosa her name is spirit and she will protect and love you.
    I give thanks for the love, caring that you all gave this little star in the sky. Sleep well.

  10. God bless everyone at Beauty’s Haven for showing Smarty that she was loved. I’m so sad to hear of her passing, but I am glad she is no longer suffering. Condolences to all Smarty’s earth angels.
    We will know you when we look up in the sky tonight, because you will be the brightest star.

  11. I am totally at a loss for words and am so heartbroken right now. RIP little one.

    Prayers and Vibes for the dear little Donkey. Why not call her Angel?

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