BHFER Update 05/25/12

So tomorrow we start the weekend in preparation for our Celebration of Life Day on Sunday. We look forward to seeing old friends and to making new ones. And I think I’ll start right now – introducing one of our most recent babies to those that haven’t met her yet. This is 3 week old Dora – her mom Lacey was a rescue that came to us pregnant with Dora and a 3 month old baby (Lexie) on her side. Dora is now enjoying time outside and the exercise is helping her windswept legs. She is a stunning baby ad very curious. She is a true blessing and loves attention.

And our latest arrival is baby donkey Domino. Born on the evening of May 22nd – her mother rejected her and she couldn’t nurse. We had Dr. Ryan run her plasma and she is doing ok. She’s black with a white tummy – thus the name Domino! Here she is trying to figure out who Trixie is while Lady Jane and Alyse look on in the background.

And here she is challenging a garden hose – it was hilarious! Look at those long legs! Caring for an orphan takes a lot of time and money but it’s worth it! She gets feedings around the clock and the cost of milk replacer is outrageous! She is also on camera for us to see from our home.

Also this weekend at the Celebration we will be having cake in honor of our daughter’s graduation from high school – she’ll be a Gator next year! We are very proud of Katie and her accomplishments. We couldn’t have a party for her but we thought this would be a great way and opportunity to let her know how proud we are of her. This is Katie playing with Domino.

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Our Smarty Pants – always loved…


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  1. Love the new babies the donkey is so cute! I will grieve for Smarty. I have to she will live on in my heart and run with the angels. Best wishes for your daughter’s education! May God Bless all at BHFER for the good work that you do.

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