Quick update – cuteness!

“Hay Domino – let’s see what’s under these tubs. You go for the little ones and I’ll check out the big ones. Ok?”

“I can’t get mine turned over Domino – they gotta be empty!”

“Run Domino – Mommy Theresa just said you’re getting a bath!!”

“This isn’t bad. Check it out Dora – the bath comes with a nice massage!”

“Domino – why are your ears so long?”

“Mommy – why are your ears PINK? What happened?”

It’s been very busy here. We went to the high school awards ceremony last night and Katie got many. Graduation is tonight. We’re very proud of her and her accomplishments. This was taken at Baccalaureate.

Jean has been here since Sunday to hold the fort down – she’ll be going home today. Marie and Lynda will be here tonight to babysit while we are at graduation. We appreciate all of our volunteers – we are very blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!

Now I’m off to physical therapy – have a great day everyone!

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