Meet Rambo…

I got the little mini gelding here this afternoon – hand walked him here from his previous home. It’s hard to believe he is only 3 years young – he looked older before he got some grooming. It was another miserably hot and humid day and he was huffing and puffing and I noticed I didn’t see any sweat – we’ll have to check into this more. I took him into the tack room where it’s got AC and we got to work on him.

He was happy to be rid of the halter that was a bit tight on him. He may have clogged tear ducts.

It took awhile to get the sticky sharp burrs off of him. He was pretty good about standing still for a couple of hours. Terri worked on his tail and I worked on his mane. Bob kept him busy with forage.

Sharp thorns were all through his mane, tail, and forelock. When they’d itch him he’d rub on a fence post and they would scratch him causing irritation.

He felt better after his medicated bath. Most of the unhealthy thick coat is gone and tomorrow we’ll try to clip him again (the clippers broke today).

Rambo will have his feet done soon and Dr. Ryan will come out to check him out, do some blood work, and pull a coggins. When he is ready he will get his vaccinations and be wormed. The dentist will also be checking him out. I was told he has string halt but we’ll have to check into that more too – I didn’t see any symptoms today.

To everyone that is helping this little guy – thank you! It feels good knowing he won’t be baking in the sun another day – especially in a thick and matted coat. Nor does he have to stand in the driving rains we sometimes have. I guess horses get accustomed to living without shelter or shade but I just can’t imagine any animal baking in the hot sun all day long. Well, non-domesticated horses maybe – but not ones that we’ve made dependent up us humans to adequately provide for them.

God bless and have a great night! Rambo thanks you all too!

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