Itsuko Update

A trip down memory lane… Some of you may remember Itsuko. She was a TB mare we helped in 2011. Itsuko was born in 1991, had 99 starts in her racing career and earned almost $100K. She had multiple babies. We found her starving and living in an unsafe makeshift backyard pen.

Itsuko the day she came to Beauty’s Haven – June 14th, 2011. She clearly needed help ASAP.

She was skin on bones.

But we saw a lot of light (and gratitude) in her eyes.

This is Itsuko 2 ½ months after rehabilitation – taken August 28th, 2011. What a beautiful mare!

During the first week of September 2011 Itsuko went to Black Beauty Ranch (HSUS) in Texas where she will live a lifetime of carefree living. I think these recent pictures speak for themselves…

It’s really good to share happy updates!

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