Spirit update 06/29/12

Is this not a beautiful face? It is a very lovely face and Spirit has a heart of gold! She had a good day – she got hand walked many times and she also got a much needed bath. Injuries were treated and she was even a little vocal.

She really enjoyed her bath. I gave up on the tangles in her tail – we will have to work on this more tomorrow. Her back has many scars and open wounds.

She’s a very good patient. I truly believe she knows we are helping her. She has a long way to go but she has a positive attitude.

Supposedly her right eye was small when she was born and she could not see out of it. She may be able to see a small slit of light out of her left.

What is there not to love about this kind and sweet mare? How could we have walked away from her? We couldn’t. Thank you all for helping us to help her.

Tucked in for the night.

Our job helping Spirit isn’t over yet – the rest of her herd needs help. Spirit needed medical help ASAP – I was strongly drawn to her even though it was the others the owner was trying to show us. I seem to always be drawn to the ones needing help the most. Spirit was our initial focus because of her injuries while at the same time I’ve been trying to find homes for others. The herd is on a total of about 30 acres contained in three paddocks – one large paddock and two smaller ones. The larger paddock has a stud that is beautiful and nice – just protective of his herd. If he were to find a home I think it would help in catching the rest of the herd in that paddock. In that paddock there are mares and babies (which haven’t been handled). There are yearlings and others – most unhandled. There are mostly colts/studs in the smaller paddocks. The most in need now is a white mare with a baby by her side. She has sunburn from nose to tail. What little shade they had is now water logged from Tropical Storm Debby. The mare is likely pregnant. I’ve made many calls and was told today that the mare/baby may have found a home – I will try to verify this tomorrow. I will also try to post pictures tomorrow – I just haven’t had time at the computer and we have been extra short on volunteers. As soon as at least two volunteers come in tomorrow I will try to get back to the office to do some work. I would like to help find homes for the rest of the herd – I worry about them.

Please continue to keep Spirit in your prayers. The podiatrist is coming tomorrow – Spirit may have a hooficure. We’ll see how she feels about that – we don’t like to do too much too soon. But she seems to be handling changes well. God bless – have a good night everyone. Again, thank you for caring about Spirit.

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  1. God Bless You Theresa. You are truly a horsey angel! Love, Kathi Bacon (FOB) in southern Indiana

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