Others Pictures

And a few pictures of others here…

Baby Girl. She’s amazingly beautiful!

Dora and Domino playing together.

Domino sneaks in a good back kick at Dora.

Then Dora went back to grazing with her mom.

And Domino couldn’t understand why Dora didn’t want to play anymore. J She doesn’t realize how lethal her back kicks are – I wouldn’t want to play either!

“I can do the cricket dance too!”

Gentleman snoozing.

Domino having a talk with Oreo.

Peggy Sue in the sling for her most recent hooficure.


Lady Jane and Gentleman. GMan still loves to stand by the water sprinklers.

Gentleman, Aaleyah Belle, and Amadeus gathered around a sprinkler.

Have a great night everyone. Please keep Spirit in your prayers – she has a long way to go.

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