Mini Warrior

Here are a few pictures of the mini. He is skin on bones – so very sad.

Dr. Ryan was out of the area today but Dr. Nathan came out. We’ll have blood work results back in the morning. A catheter was put in and fluids with all sorts of healthy things were run. There does appear to be some nerve damage – we have yet to see him move his tail. He is passing poop though – that is a very good thing.

Some sores we’ll be treating and keeping an eye on.

My camera battery died again but he took a nap after Dr. Nathan left and he got something in his tummy. I’m sure he is exhausted.

We’re all exhausted and are going to get a couple of hours of sleep. It’s going to be very busy tomorrow but I’ll update when I can. His name is Warrior. Please keep him in your prayers.

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  1. so sad, a law enforcement officer? Really? Lock his butt up. Poor little Warrior, rest in peace baby…safe from all rottens humans now. 😦

  2. Warrior was actually rescued near me in Tampa on Tuesday night by RVR Horse Rescue that is located a couple miles from my house in Riverview, Florida. They truly saved his life and were wondering if he was going to make it during the rescue. He was ‘owned’ by a law enforcement officer. And Lanette noticed him while visiting her cousin. They rescued this little guy and 3 other horses. What a great organization they are to run and get them. Everyone is hoping this little guy will make it. He was in the hands of RVR and they had to send him to BH because RVR does not have a sling and BH does. Here is RVR’s website : Here is a picture they posted Tuesday evening.-Kudos to RVR-Teddi

    • RVRs rescue team picking up 4 minis right now… This one one the brink of death!!! Owned by a police officer!! The one dying will be carried in the cab of the truck…. Because I WANT THEM OUT OF THERE #%*+ NOW!!!!!!
      — with Kelly Blevins.

    • Wednesday near Balm, FL
      Thought you might like to see the sling we tried to make! U can bet your sweet bippy we will have a real one for the next time!!

    • This was Warrior’s first real meal in heaven knows how long.A special bran mash creation packed with vitamins and minerals prepared by Shawn.
      — with Shawn Jayroe and Rvr Horse Rescue.

  3. Thank you Teddi for the acknowledgment!! There is no “I” in the word team. It’s all about them, BHHR and RVRHR will have an awesome working relationship because of this this little guy Warrior! we are now in the process of getting a sling. Even if we had a sling and I couldn’t do it…. I’m not too proud to ask for help!!! Prayers to my little guy, I miss him already!

    • You got it Shawn! Teamwork makes the way for helping more horses. We look forward to working with you more. I used to live in Tampa – moved here for the horses. Warrior sends his love.

  4. prayers for healing and hope for this little battler..please keep us updated on his progress and when you set up a chipin let us

  5. I hope he can get better. Thank you for everything you do. Please keep us updated.

  6. Lifting this sweet little guy up in prayers. Maybe I am imagining things but it almost looks like he has a faint smile in the last photo. I am sure he knows he is safe and finally in good hands. Thanks for all you do for these wonderful creatures.

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