Mini stud update Thursday am

Warrior is about the same this morning. It was dark when he arrived last night but we made him comfortable while Dr. Nathan examined him. No blood or other tests had been done so Dr. Nathan pulled blood and we are awaiting results. Warrior’s heart rate was high – 80! He got IV fluids – vitamins and supplements to help boost his RBC and immune system. He is eating – no problem there!

When he lays on his left side he can go sternum. But he can’t manage to do it if he is laying on his right side. He still has not moved his tail and we get no response when we try to move it. Likely some nerve damage. We don’t know what the future holds but now we are on the road to diagnosing if there is any damage do to his internal organs and to come up with a treatment plan to help him get through all of this and to be able to stand and support himself. He has no fat, no muscle. The body feeds off of itself – after it feeds off the muscle and fat the organs are next. Let’s all pray he can make it.

On my way back down now to run more fluids. Will update later. Warrior needs sponsors to help with his vetting needs. Please consider helping – no amount is too small and donations are tax deductible. His vetting from last night sere at least $300 but everything that was done was necessary and needed to be done right away in order to diagnose his condition and to come up with a treatment plan to meet his needs. Currently, he has had a donation of $10 which is a start that we appreciate very much. Please share with friends and family – we need help to help him. God bless and thank you so much.

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