Warrior Update

I just got off the phone with Dr. Ryan. The blood work came back and his prognosis for Warrior is very poor.

Starvation has taken a toll on his little body. We are doing all we can for him and more.

I wanted to share this picture. It is the only one out of several taken that these little dots showed up in.

Some say the little dots are orbs – spirits of those surrounding him. Please pray for this little guy.



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5 responses to “Warrior Update

  1. I want to see the officer suffer. The whole department and her family should be SHAMED.
    Its wrong and they need to take everything away for her to reimburse RVR for the fine job done.

  2. Sending my prayers for the dear little thing! Hes a beautiful buckskin or grullo too! Its way beyond me how anyone could be so heartless as to watch this sweet little guy just waste away, day after day and not do something for him! If they couldnt afford to take care of him, then why didnt they find him a good home or even have him euthanized rather than suffer like this? I hope and pray for the day that these abusive, neglectful criminals will pay their just dues with the severest penalties. It is nothing short of murder to an innocent animal!

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