Warrior update 7/6/12 2:15 pm

Dr. Ryan examined Warrior again today. He administered more fluids to help Warrior get stronger and he did more blood tests.

After Dr. Ryan left we took Warrior out of the sling and he is now resting. Actually, earlier this morning when I was sitting with Warrior, he tried 3 times to get up on his own and he was able to sit up like a dog – he couldn’t do that yesterday. But trying to get up wore him out. I do tell him to save up his energy but he doesn’t listen – he just wants to get up and be a horse – he really wants to get better. Dr. Ryan says he thinks Warrior is comfortable but a little frustrated because he doesn’t have the strength to get up on his own yet. I forgot to mention it but we are also treating both eyes for ulcerations – we got on this right away. And as you can see, there is still light in his eyes.

If you look closely in the picture below you will see a small boo boo in the shape of a heart. It’s on Warrior’s shoulder. When Baby Girl was recovering from her traumatic series of surgeries and rehab she also had a heart shaped boo boo – she healed nicely. I hope Warrior’s little shoulder heart is a sign that he too will recover. I believe….

Today Warrior has been drinking quite a bit of water – something he hasn’t been doing but he has been getting fluids. We don’t want him getting dehydrated. His appetite comes and goes but he got a peppermint mash today that he loved! His heart rate is up a bit but Dr. Ryan wasn’t alarmed – he also sees the will in Warrior to live. We agreed to give him more time. Unless he takes a dive or says he’s had enough – we will keep doing what we are doing. With time and proper care, hopefully his muscles will get stronger to enable him to get up and down and to stand.

It’s miserably hot and we have multiple fans going on the horses in the barn. Misters and sprinklers are going in the paddocks – we need some cloud cover. Thankfully, we have two volunteers coming in to help with the evening shift. We still have much to do in addition to caring for Warrior. I have a ton of emails – I appreciate them all and hope to get to them over the weekend. There is just little time in the office.

We have more info to share on Spirit and Lacey too – I’ll try to get another update out tonight. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. I do believe in the power of prayer so please keep them coming.

I don’t like asking for help but we do operate totally off of donations. We do not get funding from any state, federal, local entities as some may think. We have no paid staff. Everything we do, we are able to do it because of help from others. I know it’s a tough time for everyone but we do need help with Warrior’s vetting. Donations can be called directly into the vets office352-237-6151 or you can visit the “Donate” page on our website. http://www.bhfer.org/donate.html. God bless and again, thank you all for caring.

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  1. Prayers and Vibes being sent for ALL the horses that need it. PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS

  2. More prayers for Warrior and his care givers….thank you for the beautful photos !

  3. I am reading each update with my heart in my throat. Thank you for what you do. Love to your little Warrior, Spirit, and all the rest.

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