Urgent – mare needs help ASAP

We need help placing a very nice 7 year old mare – she needs a safe haven or the owner WILL have her shot and hauled off by the local rendering company.

This mare has until Friday, July 13th and is located near Ocala, FL. She will have a current coggins.

She is an Appendix (QH/TB cross) and was mistreated in her younger days and can be apprehensive at times but if you go slow with her she is fine. No bad habits. We don’t know if she has any under saddle training.

She came from an embryo transplant facility and has been used as a broodmare for the past few years. This mare has done her job and the way they want to thank her is by shooting her in the head. Please help us to make sure this doesn’t happen.

If anyone can help this mare please contact me ASAP.

Please cross post – this girl needs a home ASAP. Thank you.

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17 responses to “Urgent – mare needs help ASAP

  1. Has anyone taken her? I really don’t need another horse, but she can’t be shot! I could foster her for you. I am in Naples and I would not be able to get her until Saturday. Let me know if I can help. Thanks, Starlene

  2. We still need a home for this mare. We have a few places offering temporary haven which is much appreciated but we need to find her a permanent home unless there is someone(s) willing to pay for her care at a temporary home until a permanent home is found. Also, she is not to be used as a broodmare.

  3. I definitely want her. I will provide her with a loving home. We have children. No interest in anything but getting her out of there and loving her.

    • Hey. I’m sorry I didn’t get this until now. I am so happy for her. She is safe. Thank you so much! I could hug all. Please keep me posted on her. I feel like I know her. Weird, huh? I am here and if I can help get the word out I will. I am just so thankful she is safe. Take care and know from the bottom of my heart how thankful and happy to know people are out there to help.

  4. Let me know where she is I can take her till we find a safe home for her. I can transport her myself as I only live 40 min from Ocala.

  5. I found the information needed to reach you Theresa and passed it along to someone who may be able to help this mare. Her name is Laurie Nielio and she will be calling you in the morning. I hope you can give her information she needs on this mare. Since the mare only has until Friday, I am concerned. Laurie would need help with transportation to Illinois if this is something that will work out for horse and her situation. I will say a prayer!

    • my friend is a good person and will provide safe housing until this mare can find a home. her place is in lecanto and she has alot of land and a barn with stalls to provide a safe place for this mare until she can get picked up or until she gets a home. please consider my friend Sarah.

  6. Who is the contact person to find out details about this mare and what it will take to move her? We need name and phone number of someone who can give us information on her, please…

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