Update on Bella and baby

Just a quick update…

Bella got somewhat of a much needed bath today. Still working on that mane. We couldn’t stay out long because the baby isn’t supposed to be out. Bella has layers of dirt so it’ going to take a couple more baths to get her good and clean. She really is a doll. Jean drove up today to help out – thanks Jean!!

Baby managed to get the catheter out of his neck so the vet is coming back out to put another in. I’m so sorry to have to put the baby through this again. It wasn’t wrapped but you can bet that this time it will be. He is still straining to go poo. It’s hard to believe that momma is providing more milk already but she is – she actually has a little bit of a bag. J

Have to run – the vet just got here.

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  1. You cannot imagine how grateful I am that they are safe with you. It’s amazing that baby is alive given the poor shape of mom. Poor mo
    But all that is behind them now. Looking forward to hearing the other three are out of that hellhole as well.

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