Bella and Starbuck update…

Bella Update

Thankfully, after Theresa administered medication, Bella had a bowel movement and has been passing gas, so hopefully, the crisis has passed!

Little Starbuck had a ‘waterfall’ type bowel movement so he is feeling much better to say the least – the oil has finally made its way through!
He feels better – he even attempted to kick up his heels, but alas, his little legs are not quite ready for that and he wiped out.
It’s hard to discourage a baby that apparently feels better to not run around and to follow doctor’s orders. Running around is not good for his front legs.
Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. Theresa will update again tomorrow.
Wishing everyone a great weekend!



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  1. They do look better, congrats 🙂 Keep up your good work. These 2 are special just reading what you have been writing about them and their story of how they were living. It is a miracle you have them in your good hands now.

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