Warrior’s Previous Owner Arrested

Some much needed good news – Warrior’s previous owner has been arrested! Here is a link to the story.


In the few days that Warrior was with he won over all of our hearts. This one of our volunteers, Janis, sitting with Warrior while he spent a few minutes in his sling.

Now, we pray justice is served.

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9 responses to “Warrior’s Previous Owner Arrested

  1. It’s about time some of these ignorant peeps start going to jail. Hope she has fun in there.

  2. When will laws change, to protect these poor animals. When will people lose thier homes, something that means something when you are caught. I am sick and tired of stories like this. Then the most they might get is a fine, and maybe some community service. Put them in prison. You might be suprised how the prisoners would treat animal abusers. Probably something similiar to pedophiles….which they can’t stand. Only the most cruelest, and heartless amoung us can do something like this. It sounds like she went out of her way to starve these two guys. They survive on so little…..just breaks my heart.

  3. So glad to know she will pay for what she did. I can’t believe she was an Authority figure for Hillsborough.

  4. Hope he is punished to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. And that’s not enough.

  5. I sure hope she gets justified punishment! Thank you for all you did to try to save Warrior, at least he was surrounded by love when he passed.

    • I do too – however I am unable to starve anything… So I’d keep her fed and watered.. but nothing that tastes good..

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