Starbuck’s progress

Starbuck is doing better each day. His legs are becoming stronger as are his whinnies! We’re still treating his belly button to help to prevent infection he has what is called Patent Urachus. He is still on antibiotics. His mom, Bella, isn’t producing much milk but he has come to like milk replacer. While he was pretty calm the first few days he was here (he was a preemie and his knees were pretty unsteady) he now would love to get out of his stall to play but that won’t be happening for a few more days – we’re following Drs. orders. We’re all amazed at how he is progressing but we won’t let our guard down – he has a ways to go.

His mom, Bella, had her teeth done over the weekend – which she needed. Dr. Bess says she is about 20 years young. Bella is a very sweet mare that loves her baby to no end.

Starbuck and his mom are still in need of sponsors. They use a lot of shavings and his milk replacer is pretty expensive. He will be on antibiotics for a few more days. Donations are greatly appreciated and donations are tax deductible. No amount is too small! Thank you!

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