BH Update including Spirit’s ultrasound

Spirit was excited yesterday morning – we’d explained to her that Dr. Porter was coming to ultrasound her eyes! She has got to be one of the most sweetest and personable horse I’ve ever met. She will literally greet you with hugs each morning! Look at her – her personality just shines through!

Spirit was a good girl for the ultrasound. Dr. Porter forwarded the images to UF – we’ll see what they say and what is recommended. We were happy to learn that Spirit can see at least a speck of light from her right eye and at least a sliver of light from her left eye. The retinas are intact in both eyes. There appears to be some mineralization of the lens in the right eye. The lens in the left eye looks clear bit the iris may have some scar tissue keeping the pupil closed possibly due to untreated inflammation. So, now we wait and pray for good news. I really have no idea what will come of this but Spirit is young and doing so well – if there is any way we can at least maintain what little she can see it would be a blessing. She trusts those handling her and once she learns what her home is she maneuvers very well. For example – when she steps onto the row of mats in the center aisle of the barn she knows exactly how many steps to her stall.

Dr. Porter wanted to visit with Baby Girl yesterday while he was here. I truly believe that she remembered him! He can’t get over how well she has recovered and how great she looks. Dr. Porter was the one that recommended a CT scan for Baby Girl after her initial surgery and he also recommended the surgeon – Dr. Ali Morton. Another article: Yes, our Baby Girl made the news around the world.

The picture on the left was taken yesterday. The one on the right was taken on August 17th, 2011 – the day after she arrived here at the rescue. For those that don’t know her story please visit our Daily Blog Archives and read about her. Her injury was incredible and her odds were very grim. But her love for life and the positive energy from within her radiates – she’s truly a miracle!

Dora and Domino at breakfast. Both are getting milk replacer pellets now. They are so funny!

Well, here is the tooth that Starbuck lost in the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all.

Starbuck had a great time during his first play time outside! He’s standing taller and getting stronger by the day! If you look at his side you can see a few brown hearts (if you use your imagination)! His mom is doing well – she really enjoys their time outside too. I don’t think she’s lifted her head from grazing on the grass since she’s first been out!

Domino, Dora, and Starbuck have become friends over the fence. Domino really likes him. But Domino likes everyone she meets!

One of our wonderful and generous supporters has offered a $1000 match game in memory of our dear sweet Nicky. Funds will be used to purchase and install a much needed fly mister system for the barn! Once donations for the match game in the amount of $1000 have been received the Match Game Donor will donate another $1000! Starting now!! If you make a donation for the match game please mark it as such and send an email to bhfer@earthlink to let us know with “Match Game” in the subject line.

Yesterday we got a call about some horses that were out of food. The owner is in a bad spot right now and needed a little worth of help. We provided grain and salt blocks to get them through a few days. If anyone would like to help us with this it would be appreciated – $55 is still needed to cover these expense. Sometimes animal owners just need a bit of help to get them through a tough time. They love their horses and don’t want to give them up and I can understand that. I respect them for reaching out for help instead of letting the horses go hungry.

Dr. Bess will be coming to do some teeth soon – when we get a date set up we’ll be looking for sponsors to help with this. On Friday, Cindy will be coming to do hooficures on Nikole and Peaches – if anyone would like to help with these it would be appreciated. Peaches is having a tough time with her old shoulder injury – just when we think she is better, she’s worse. The black TB mare, Mia, went home today! Thanks everyone that helped with this and thank you Pam (Double B Equine Transport) for taking the time it took to get her loaded and to her new home.

I have more to update on but I’ve got to get some other things done but I didn’t want to finish the day without getting this update out – I’ll try to do another tomorrow. This weekend is going to be very busy – starting on Friday.

We are in need of a few things – I’m putting together a list but right off the top of my head I know we need Endure flyspray and flymasks – the flies are absolutely horrible this year. Several of the masks we had were old and frayed and were beyond repair. We always need help with vet and hooficure expenses and with feed/hay. As always, we appreciate any and all help – we receive no government assistance. We operate totally from donations and adoption fees (which are very low). No donation amount is too small and any amount is greatly appreciated. Donations are tax deductible. If anyone would like to call a donation in directly to the vet’s office the number is 352-237-6151. Donations for hay can be called into Larson’s at 352-867-8333. If you send funds via PayPal our PayPal address is theresa. Other ways to donate can be found on our “Donate” page. Please make sure to make note on your donation what the funds are to be used for – all donations go 100% to care of the horses. We are all volunteers here – no paid staff! And I have to say we have really awesome volunteers – onsite and from locations as far away as Ireland!

As always – we truly appreciate all of you. God bless and I thank you all for your continued support.

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  1. Wow,,,, love the pictures and the stories. You do an amazing job getting these horses rehabilited. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. we are so proud of Spirit. i KNEW she had to have some kind of ability in her left eye. i mentioned that when i took some pics on our last visit, she reacted to the flash!!!! oh God i am praying so hard she will have her vision improved!!!!!! she is so special to us!!!! Thank you Theresa and Dr Porter… you rock!!!!!!!!! love and respect from all us Fontano’s!!!

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