BHFER Quick Update 07/27/12

I hate to start the update out with bad news – the paint gelding with the lumps on his face (Brave Heart) crossed Rainbow Bridge today. He had been at UF for various diagnostic tests. He had an aggressive form of cancer which had metastasized. Carrie and Allan were able to be with him at UF today – we appreciate everything they, and others, did for him. We find comfort in knowing that he now runs pain free with the heavenly herd. I do wish his previous owner had of gotten him proper vet care when the lump first appeared. Maybe he would have had a chance – we’ll never know.

We had Dr. Eric out today to pull blood work on Gentleman and Bella. Gentleman has arthritis which we’ve been treating. Some days are better than others but lately he’s seemed to decline. I know that the high temps are taking a toll on him – they take a toll on most of us. GMan stays under or near a sprinkler much of the time. We’d like to see if we can make him more comfortable so he is being started on Adequan to see if it helps. He is getting up there in age and while there isn’t anything we can do about the aging process we do want to keep him comfortable. Dr. Eric commented today on what a true “gentleman” he is – and it’s true!

Bella, Starbuck’s mom, just hasn’t appeared to be feel well. She’s not in pain but sort of seems to be just “there” at times. She’s eating and drinking fine but something just isn’t right. She still doesn’t make enough milk for the little one. He also gets milk replacer pellets.

Starbuck is doing really well. He really enjoys being outside and we enjoy watching him play.

Some good news – the black TB mare, Mia, has settled into her new home. Her new human mom tells me she is doing very well.

If anyone would like to help out with today’s vetting ($192) it would be appreciated. And we’d like to ask for prayers for both Gentleman and Bella.

We hope everyone has a good weekend. It’s going to be extremely busy here. Thank you all for your continued support.

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4 responses to “BHFER Quick Update 07/27/12

  1. If vera chaples tells me you are what you say you are then that is good enough for me. there are so many scams out there that the really good ones are being hurt by it.

    • I’m with you on this one Margay…if Vera says its true, I believe it. There are so many that are scams, its nice to hear about the REAL ones. Thank you for all that you are doing for these animals 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear about the paint gelding. I was afraid of that when i saw him. I saw another horse with the same type of cancer and huge lumps on her face around her sinus area. Thank you for taking care of him and doing whats right for him.

  3. Oh dear…….. GMan’s hind legs/hips hurt (if that’s the normal way he stands) I know how that is. Hope y’all can help him be more comfortable.
    Bella also worries me…when I was watching her at night she would be somewhat “short” with Starbuck.. Glad his legs are better.

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