LadyBug Update

Ladybug was oiled again at the hospital and she got more fluids. She did not have to have more pain meds so the vet released her late this evening. She has settled into a stall. She isn’t happy that she can’t be fed yet – oil needs to start passing. It is really good to see her feeling better – she gave us all quite the scare today. We thank everyone for your prayers and good thoughts and ask that you keep them coming.

We’d also like to ask that you include a mare that belongs to Janis (one of our volunteers) and her husband, Don. The TB mare, Determined Gal, is 7 months pregnant and had colic surgery yesterday.

Colic sure is an awful thing. Will update tomorrow. Good night everyone.

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2 responses to “LadyBug Update

  1. My friends horse died while going into to surgery for a bad case of colic my and her up all the night before leading her around a pasture not letting her lay down, be strong ladybug
    Prayers coming your way

  2. Hope LADYBUG continues to improve and praying for DETERMINED GAL, as well. COLIC is, indeed, horrible for the horses.

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