Montana, Asiya, Baby Passion, and a new arrival…

Some good news to share…

Montana and Asiya have been adopted – together!  These two have waited for quite awhile to find homes but it’s been worth the wait!  It’s hard to find homes for any horse but to find a home for two together is just awesome!  And they will only be about 2 hours from the rescue.  Congratulations Asiya, Montana, and Lexi! This beautiful photo of them was taken of them a few days ago by Stephanie Colleen, professional photographer.

Meet our latest arrival.  She is a 5 year old TWH mare that needs help for some medical issues.  Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow to examine her and run some blood work.

She is a bit underweight and she has open sores all over (mostly on her left side, face, neck, hips, and tail) that are itching her terribly to the point where she is mutilating herself trying to find relief.  It may be allergies but we will know more tomorrow after Dr. Ryan examines her.

She lived alone.  However, there was a stud that lived in a nearby farm that jumped the fence to get to her a few months ago.  We don’t know if she was bred or not.  Would anyone like to help us to help her?  We were not planning on bringing another in at this time but once I met this sweet mare and saw how much she needed help I couldn’t turn her away.  Knowing Montana and Asiya are leaving made the decision easier.

If anyone would like to help you can do so via various methods available through our “Donate” page on our website.  Our PayPal address is  Donations can also be called directly into the vet’s office at 352-237-6151.  No amount is too small and donations are tax deductible.  Thank you all for your continued support!

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Baby Passion got her angel wings on August 7th, 2010. She was only a few days old.

We love you Passion, always.


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  1. Baby girl you’ll always be in our hearts, and good luck with the TWH I’ll be keeping an eye on her

  2. Theresa, thee day you meet a horse and say you can’t help I am pretty sure I’ll be looking to the sky and seeing Jesus coming down. Bless all of you.

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