Mare needs help

Just got back from checking out the mare. She’s a very tall girl and appears to be a TB. Not sure of her age. She had a runny nose. Temp of 102.3. Couldn’t check her gums. Her breathing wasn’t too bad. The owner says she took her in as a rescue a couple of months ago but couldn’t put weight on her. Today she refused her food and wasn’t interested in water. When I tried to open her mouth she didn’t want to cooperate but there was a foul odor – some sort of infection going on in her mouth, possible dental issues, I just don’t know.

I don’t know if I can get a vet out there tomorrow or not – it’s in the middle of nowhere – but I’m going to try. I gave her some Banamine which seemed to help some. Her temp was down to 101.9 when we left. There was just nothing more we could do tonight. The lady wants to surrender her – she says she doesn’t have the funds to help her. I’m not comfortable bringing her in without being examined first. We have 3 babies at the rescue – the immune systems in 2 of the 3 babies were compromised at and after birth. Little Penny is better and Starbuck is doing very well but I won’t take any risks with them. We could make the QT paddock available if necessary but I really feel the mare may not be strong enough for the trip here. It’s a good 30 miles and she is weak. Having a vet see/treat her there and perhaps stabilizing her for the trip may be best.

It was easy to see the mare is not well. We offered her water before we left and she did drink.

The lady is going to take the mare’s temp in the am and call me. I’ll try to find a vet that will go out.

I will check emails in the morning to see where we are with pledges. But right now I’m beat and need sleep. Tomorrow will be here before we know it, although, I will think about this mare all night.

There are two things for sure we know right now. One – this mare needs help in a bad way and we hope to get her that help tomorrow. Two – we can’t help her without help from others. Please spread the word about her – ask others to share. Please pray for her and that tomorrow we will be able to start her on a road to recovery. Thank you all.

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  1. She looks like she could have pneumonia which would account for the fever and the foul odor in her breath, weakness and lack of appetite and refusal to drink. But im no vet, its just that ive seen a couple cases of pneumonia before and they both looked like this. Wish i could afford to help, but im supporting 5 horses myself on a fixed income. Sending prayers for the poor old girl! Hope you can help her!

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