Update on mare at 3:45 today

Welcome Ambrosia!

The Mare has arrived at Beauty’s Haven! A vet met Theresa and Barbara at the location where the mare was living and upon examination, it was determined that the Mare has Pleurisy. She had a toxic gum line and foul odor coming from her mouth. She was weak and didn’t want to budge. She was sweating and her temperature was 102. She hung her head, never lifting it. She appeared to be in pain. The vet stated that her prognosis was poor and suggested that she be euthanized. Theresa would not agree to this without giving the mare a chance.

The vet pulled blood, a catheter was inserted, and medications were given. The Mare was loaded onto the trailer which took some time due to the her weakened state. Theresa and Barbara noted that once on the trailer, the Mare, who Theresa has named ‘Ambrosia,’ seemed to exhibit a sense of relief. Upon their arrival at Beauty’s Haven, Ambrosia unloaded beautifully and walked with some determination to her stall in the barn. Ambrosia is currently receiving IV fluids and antibiotics and it appears that her eyes are brighter and her ears are now erect. Ambrosia is a flea bitten TB mare and is approximately thirteen years old. Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow or Tuesday to examine Ambrosia again. She is very thin and we do not know how affected her organs are. She tried to pass urine but did not. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her. If she doesn’t make it, we know we did our best – and she will have known that we tried and that she matters and is loved.

Ambrosia getting ready for the catheter to be inserted at her former home.

Ambrosia enjoying her hay and mash at Beauty’s Haven.

Thank you to everyone for your Pledges, Prayers, Candles and Bumps.

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Please continue to keep Ambrosia in your thoughts and prayers.


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