Ambrosia, Baby Girl, and Aaleyah Belle

I was surprised one day this week when I opened a Fall 2012 UF Veterinary magazine that I picked up – one of its articles hit home! Click here and go to page 9. It was a year ago this month – September (28th) 2011 that Dr. Porter, owner of PHD Veterinary Services, came out to x-ray Baby Girl’s head injury. He identified bone fragments and sent us to UF for a CT scan. I’ll never forget Dr. Morton sitting down with me to review the scan – it was grim. The odds for Baby Girl were poor. But her positive and can-do attitude which helped her to survive for 2+ months, before coming to us, with a horribly infected injury proved to all of us what a fighter she was. You could just feel a positive energy around her. And here is a link to the newspaper article – Baby Girl made front page!

Baby Girl was our 2011 miracle. The first picture was taken the day after she arrived in August 2011. This 2nd picture was taken in July 2012 with Dr. Porter.

I won’t get into Baby Girl’s story in detail here but if you go to our Daily Blog from last year you can follow her story from the beginning – it’s a really good story of perseverance and love. Like Aaleyah Belle, a miracle baby that came to us in 2008 while only a few hours old with a severely wry nose (surgically repaired at UF in 2008), Baby Girl never gave up and she became another miracle story. These are just two examples of horses, with a huge love for life, that have taught or reminded us to never give up! Ambrosia has the same drive and will to survive – when I think about what she has endured, how neglected her needs went, I just can’t imagine not giving her an opportunity to overcome. While there is no guarantee that the treatment she needs will be a success, I have faith in her and her care team. She has the will to live and we want to give her that chance.

We truly appreciate the help that has come in for Ambrosia’s needs but we need to raise more funds. Melissa will be putting a jewelry auction on FB tomorrow and we have some other things in mind. Donations are still needed – no amount is too small and any amount is appreciated. Can you help? If you can’t donate funds, please share Ambrosia’s story with family and friends, perhaps they may be able to help. Again, no amount is too small and donations are tax deductible. Please help us to make this mare’s future possible.

I truly believe that Ambrosia survived and found her way to us for a reason and just in time – I don’t think she would have survived much longer. And, I believe in miracles. Thank you all – God bless and have a wonderful night!

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  1. Gosh, I remember when she was fighting for her life & to see her now fills me full of joy & so grateful to Beauty’s Haven, the surgeon, volunteers, everyone that donated & God for pulling her through!!! I have tears of happiness when I read the vet said she could stand to lose a few pounds!! Something told me she was a fighter & she would make it!! God bless you Baby Girl & Beauty’s Haven!! You’re a true miracle!! Wish I could meet you, give you a big hug & of course your favorite treat!!

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