Ambrosia and what we do…

Some great news regarding Ambrosia – the air flow in her left lung is up to about 60%! This is up about 10% from the day before – isn’t that awesome? She is a very good example of what a positive and bright attitude can do (with a little help from us humans)! The Dr. says she’s amazing and we agree!

They want to do surgery on the other side tomorrow provided all goes well today. Without the surgery she won’t survive – we must move forward. And so we continue to ask for help to save Ambrosia’s life. I was made aware of a negative remark made by someone that we “beg for money” and “put out sob stories” to get donations. Well, you know what? We do beg for money! We are a non-profit organization that operates totally from donations made by others. Without asking for money, and sharing what happens with the money, we would cease to exist and I’ve had many tell me that would be very sad not just for the horses we help but for the humans that care about the horses, for our volunteers both here and afar, and supporters that believe in our mission. As for the stories we put out – we do share what we are doing with the money! People deserve to know where their money goes! And if a story happens to be a sad one, it is what it is. In some cases a sad story turns into a happy one – like Baby Girl’s. We’ve had many success stories and we are very proud of our accomplishments. And we don’t just ask for money – we work hard on applying for grants, holding fundraisers, etc.

We do take in cases that can be quite the challenge – we don’t go looking for them but they find us and I believe there is a reason. It’s our opinion here at BH that they ALL deserve a chance. I’m very proud and passionate about what we do and I’m also proud of our supporters that enable us to keep going – their passion and generosity keeps us alive. And for the horses that are available for adoption – we do not push our horses out the door. We wait until the right home comes along – our goal is the right forever home. Our come back rate is very low for that reason. However, last year we adopted out 36 horses. This year we’ll double that!

Regarding Ambrosia’s condition and her required surgeries, treatments, and follow-up needs – all of this is a learning experience for us here and I’ve received a few mails thanking us for sharing it. Yes, her needs are costly but we can’t, and won’t, ever put a value on life. If the horse is up for the fight for its life we do what we can. In some cases, we have to love the horse enough to help it cross. But the bottom line is that we do what is in the best interest of the horse.

We can’t do this alone – we need your help to save Ambrosia’s life as well as to continue to provide for horses in our care. So please share us, and our mission, with friends. Share us on Facebook. Share a link to our Daily Blog – We need help finding good homes for the ones that are ready. There are many ways to help – carwashes, bake sales, matching corporate donations, raffles, yard sales, etc. No matter in what capacity you help us – we thank you!

Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


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  1. Theresa, there is no question of all the great things you do for all the beautiful horses that are so fortunate to come to beauty’s haven. You and all the volunteers are “one” in a million. Dont let someone’s negativity and “cold heart” get to you. Never second question what you all do for these beautiful horses and what donations are necessary to keep beautys haven going. You all work hard and we love your blogs, God Bless you all.

  2. Theresa you are a fine example of how a decent rescue should and is run. You don’t need to justify anything. True supporters of BHFER believe in you and are more than happy to help your mission succeed. Please ignore tactless people who want to rile up trouble. They unfortunately are not as committed as you and all the BHFER family of volunteers and supporters. Some people can not see the big picture or feel the pleading love of a horse in need. You can look in their eyes and understand what to do. You have the gift…and we are so grateful that you do.
    Wishing you many blessings to continue your work in saving so many in need. Kym Sargent

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