A beautiful card – Ambrosia

I just received a beautiful card from the wonderful team of caregivers at UF about the loss of Ambrosia. She truly was surrounded by people that loved her. She touched so many hearts.

My mare, Beauty, is my aromatherapy – her smell calms me like nothing else can. Well, Ambrosia did the same. I miss her. I miss her smell, her little whinnies, everything about her. Maybe someday I can talk about her without getting tears in my eyes.

Ambrosia would make anyone having a bad day feel good. She was just that kind of mare. Thank you all for caring about her.

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One response to “A beautiful card – Ambrosia

  1. Ambrosia was just that…Ambrosia to many of our spirits. Though I never met her, somehow, I feel like I know her.

    Many blessings to all of you who took such good care of her and loved her so much.

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