Genesis Update 09/26/12

Dr. Ryan examined Genesis today. He let Dr. Ryan do what needed to be done without hesitation. Genesis has a couple of places on his scrotum that we will be keeping a close eye on that could be cancerous. He has what Dr. Ryan believes to be a scrotal/inguinal hernia which is of good size.

Genesis has a dislocated lens in his right eye. The lens is cloudy (cataract) and is floating in the front of the eye – it is no longer fixed by the suspensory ligament. Dr. Ryan says this is the first time he’s ever seen a case like this.

Genesis was also very good for his bath. He is quite the horse – very cooperative, kind, and curious.

He has inflammation and infection above the coronary band on every foot that we are treating. They are all “ouchy.” He will be getting a hooficure on Saturday.

His feet are going to take quite awhile to heal. I’m very glad he is patient and stands for doctoring. We are waiting for his lab work to come back. He truly is a gentle giant and we are very glad he’s here. Thank you to everyone that has donated to help him – he is going to need more help with monthly care costs after this initial month.

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