Magic this morning…

WE HAVE OIL!!! What a wonderful way to start out the day!

Magic can’t be turned out for another 24 hours but if all keeps going well I’ll get good pictures of him being turned out tomorrow. I let him out to his porch area right outside of his stall where he’ll be confined for now but he trotted out with his tail in the air – he’s got a lot of stored up energy and is ready to go!

Artist Greg Ambrose sent me this late last night – I think it’s awesome! Blue skies and green grass for our Magic today!

Thank you God for answering prayers and thank all of you that have been sending good thoughts and prayers! He’s still got some oil to clear and we need to make sure his tummy is processing ok so the next 24 hours are important. We’ll likely do one more CBC tomorrow before taking him off the Gentocin (antibiotic). If all is well, and Dr. Eric or Ryan advises, I’ll pull the catheter tomorrow and turn Magic out – I can’t wait!

And today is our son’s 24th birthday! It’s a good day – a very good day already filled with many blessings! Now I’m going to make Magic a nice little mash which I’m sure he’ll devour. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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