Penelope and Magic

Magic got his meds this am and I turned him out again. He drank a good amount by about 1 pm. Made a couple of soft poop piles. Didn’t drink as much from 1 pm until tonight. He will remain on his meds (antibiotics) for another day or so. We still are not sure if there is a displacement or impaction that needs to resolve. He’s not one time acted painful. Uncomfortable – yes. But not painful. I’m praying that tomorrow he’ll be even better and we’ll feel more comfortable that whatever it is/was is done and over.

It was really good to hear Penelope singing to us this morning! She passed oil today and has not shown anymore discomfort. She’s drinking. Penny is nursing so I think all of us are happy. Look at how tall Penny is getting!

Thank you to everyone for the prayers – they appear to be working. Tonight seems pretty cool to me. I guess we’ll need to start sizing blankets soon. Have a good night – I hope to get to bed early and make up for lost sleep.

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2 responses to “Penelope and Magic

  1. Theresa – as requested I made a small donation on behalf of Beauty’s Haven via snail mail to your vet. Glad all is well, Jane Anne

    • Jane Anne, thank you so very much. Every bit helps – no amount is too small. Things are really bad and people are losing things that are near and dear to them. Including their animals. We are very blessed that we able to do what we do – it’s only made possible because of people like you. God bless and again, thank you!

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