Our little pony…

Last night I posted about Valentine on Facebook – she’s in Equus Magazine this month (picture at Myth #7). Valentine was a special needs pony that came to us in February 2009. She had sustained blunt force trauma to her back and sacrum area. She had been up and down, in pain, for 3 days before coming to us. The officer that worked the case said she’d almost dug her own grave. When she arrived, she didn’t know where her back end was and she could not push her poop out. With acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, and us manually cleaning her out daily (sometimes up to 4 times a day) she improved. When she had to be cleaned out she would just stand there, without even wearing a halter sometimes, and let us do what we had to do. It brought her relief and she knew we were helping her. While she improved in her coordination, her ability to eliminate on her own never returned. She had a couple of good years with us but in December 2011 she told us it was time. Our little pony with the deepest and most beautiful dark eyes crossed Rainbow Bridge and has since been running with the heavenly herd – pain free and happy. She is with her best friend, Captain.

This morning I opened email and found this beautiful artwork by Greg Ambrose. Mixed bittersweet tears came. This little pony was so very much loved and I miss her. Thank you Greg.

Valentine – our little pony…


Greg Ambrose